11 Days and no running… the intention was there but no execution of any plans. So I greeted today’s run at lunch anticipating it much like you meeting your aunt that you haven’t seen in years. You’re not sure how kind Time was with her and you don’t know if she’s going to smother you with big wet kisses and pinches on the cheek or if she’s going to give you a “My Aunt Rocks” shirt. Either way, you’re probably not going to like it.

It’s pretty dead here on campus as school is not in session, not until next week. So, it was quiet when I headed out on my Market Square Fab 4 Course. I could tell that I was a little labored in my running but I was running at a semi-comfortable pace. Semi meaning that I wasn’t pushing it, but talking would have been a little difficult.

So, I was thinking that my first mile was going to be about 9:20 because that’s what it felt like and I knew that I had lost some of my speed. My prize: Mile 1 in 8:12.

The weather was cool (around 45 degrees), so it was a comfortable run and surprisingly enough there were plenty of people walking around on Market Square. I was glad that I didn’t do the 5 miles that I had wanted to do just because things go tough at the end.

Mile 2: 8:27
Mile 3: 8:37
Mile 4: 9:51 (I walked at a few places here and there)
Total Time: 35:11 (8:48 avg)
It was very nice to decompress while running. I almost wish that it had been like 10 miles so that I would have time to think more. While you are running, your mind wanders from subject to subject. sometimes seeing things ahead of you will spark ideas or past happenings. SO during the course of a mile, you think of many different things.

One of the things that I was thinking about during my run was Morphing or rather a proverbial Metamorphosis and why not starting thinking and talking about it now?

First Thing is my Job – I have an unfullfilling position. Unfullfilling because it’s not something that I am passionate about and for what I do mainly 95% of the time, I don’t need any of my 3 college degrees. The position’s great for working on the website and writing entries for this blog, but it’s not good for my soul. So, I am looking, not very aggressively but I am looking. And, it doesn’t have to be here in Knoxville… since Jen can work her MK anywhere, we are not bound by geography.

Second is my Running – I don’t run enough. I don’t run enought to reach the time goals that I set for myself. And I realize is that I don’t know enough. Sure I have a good concept of what it takes to run, but alot of the information, I have to reference, I don’t have it memorized. Also, I can plan for someone else (like Susan) but I can’t do a thing for myself. I guess it is hard to give yourself advice.
Third is my Writing – The first thing that I need to do is work on strengthening my vocabulary so that I can use SAT words like Pam and Michelle. Then I need to work on my grammar so that I don’t look like I write like someone struggled through English. I did take Creative Writing twice in High School as well as Journalism.

I need to find patience to proofread too…

Fourth is my Health – I need to eat better, or rather smarter… case in point. I have all this specialty Cadbury Chocolate from American Samoa and so instead of eating it in moderation or (better yet) giving it to someone else so they could practice Conservation of Energy (i.e. calories), I decided that I should eat large quantities of it now so that I could get rid of it. I realized that I was not being smart when my son was telling me to “Wake Up” at the computer because daddy was napping and it was only 4:30pm.

It would be foolish incongruous of me to give up all those things cold turkey. I mean, how I am supposed to survive without Chocolate, Coffee, Beer and Diet Coke? I just shouldn’t have eaten the entire bag of Cadbury Holiday Chocolates that were like ‘Mini Eggs Lite’.

Fifth is my Photography – I mentioned before that I would love a DSLR. I am going to revamp my photoblog, actually, I have signed up for shutterchance but have yet to upload more than one picture. I’m thinking about taking our workshop or 4th bedroom and making a make-shift studio. My Younger child is so photogenic, that I took about 10 shots of him with my 35mm in 5 minutes on Saturday. Had I had a digital camera, it would have been more like 500 pictures. Rae had mentioned (in a comment) that she and Brent love their Canon 20D, another rave for the 20D. We’ll have to see about the camera though… It would be awesome to catch someone who is upgrading their camera…

If you are looking for all my cool end of the year running stats, that’s the subject of my upcoming podcast…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon