Loose Ends

Live is easier when you follow directions… I have been working to “fix” my WordPress upgrade because I felt it was unnecessary to read the upgrade instructions and upgraded at my whim. Upgrading WP is really easy, even if you don’t follow the steps. But they have these things called “instructions” which make things go more smoothly. I guess my Y chromosone blocked that from my conscious thinking.

Anyway, so I am in the middle of going back and getting WP to be how it should. Thankfully, I know enough techie stuff to get myself out of these situations! And who would be one of the saving graces for me… IE7. I know! It lets me work on my slow ass computer at work while FireFox FTPs the files that I need. The FireFTP is so much easier and more inuitive than WiseFTP and is more reliable than DreamWeaver. So, I’ll give IE7 a workout for it’s money, at least today.

Well, as a result of a short day yesterday (Elder’s Eye Exam), I have a lot of little stuff that I want to get out there:

Unorthodox Race Week
I did not run Tuesday nor did I run Wednesday. I typically take a 2 day Taper (rest period) before race day. However, I don’t think that is going to work today. I think what I may do is run an easy 4 or 5 today without Tempo, then take Friday off for a 1 day Taper. I do need to check no the weather for Saturday morning so I know what to plan to wear

That Damned Podcast
Episode 007 (That’s 1053… Gravity@1053) is up an running. My goodness… please accept my humble apologies on the lateness of getting it together. It was partially edited before I even went to San Diego, but with everything else going on, it sat there and sat there. Last Night I was able to frankenstien it together. I was hoping to add some fun new segments, but that will have to be in the upcoming episodes. Episode 008 is going to be my Calhoun’s Volunteering and Running.

Cadbury Eggs
Like Bags, I have a Cadbury fetish… and so I had my first egg last weekend and it was GOOD! Did I tell you that Cadbury had a miniegg-esque Christmas candy? THey were the same structure as the Mini Eggs, just not the girth of a real Mini Egg and as you women can attest… size (usually) matters.

If you were around last spring (or want to check out the Spring months of 2006), you know that I kept up with the Cadbury chocolate and the number of calories that I consumed while eating Mini Eggs, Cadbury Eggs and Reese PB eggs. I doubt that I will do that this year, but perhaps just mention how good they are from time to time…

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon