It’s Race Week

Whoops… I never hit publish on this post! YIKES!

Hello People out there it’s race week here in Tennessee!

This Saturday I have the Calhoun’s 10 miler set for Saturday morning right near the Tellico Dam on the Mighty Tennessee. And I am so unprepared for this race. It’s not funny. OKay, maybe it is a little funny… haha with a little “h”.

Once again, I missed my opportunity to do a long run over the weekend. It was my intention to run a 8.something course on Sunday morning, but the sleep bug took a big bite out of my ass and kept me in bed. Zzzz. Despite the fact that we overslept, until our kids came to wake us up, we still made it to church and Sunday school, stuff that we have been, eh-um, a little slack on the past few weeks.

Okay, a sad little mention here before I get back to the running. You know that BlackHawk Helicopter that went down the other day taking out like 13 people? Well, I found out today that our Sunday school class, Partners in Christ, have been gathering supplies (soap, candy, etc) to make care packages for the soldiers overseas. Well, some how our class and the chaplain whose unit lost those men are connected. I don’t know if we were going to be sending them packages to that specific unit or if he’s just the overseas contact. Anyway, a news story hits close to home.

Now back to our feel good story of the day. Despite the fact that I did not run either on Saturday Nor sunday. I did run on Friday… 5 miles to be exact. I ran my Back to the Tracks 5 mile course through downtown Knoxville. It’s actually a hybrid of my Market Square Fab 4 course, so it’s comfortable. On Friday I ran the course in 44:20 and was a little worn out after it. I can’t say that I was excited at my pace seeing that the 8:52 (average) pace was really getting to me. Especially after my Thanksgiving race of 5 miles was a 7:30ish pace at race pace. Remember, I have a 10 miler this weekend.

So today, I ran again. This time, I ran the Back to the Tracks course again. I didn’t really know that I was going to do this course, but I went ahead and decided to do it even though I knew I would be cutting it close with my lunchtime. Today, I did much better. I finished the 5 miles in 42:57 an 8:35 average pace and I had enough energy to finish the last 0.2 of a mile strong. Basically, the Fast Finish technique if you listen to the Dump Runner’s Club.

I used an online race predictor to forecast what my 10 mile time should be before the race and it was a 9:01 pace of 1:30:12. I’d say that is about right. I’d give you all the ugly stats about the Calhoun’s 10 miler in a post closer to race day, but for now I am going to shoot for a goal time of 1:29:30, with a stretch goal of 1:27:30. Current PR for the course is 1:26:08.

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