Sea, Trespassing and waiting

Okay, home stretch for the cruise. I promise.

After seeing the Saints, it was a day at sea. I rocky day at sea. The Christmas winds were coming through and the winds were kicking the sea around. Don’t rock the boat!

The Day at Sea was to enjoy the ship as much as possible. That coffee bar and ice cream. It was also the second formal night which was Lobster night. I opted NOT for the lobster. I dunno why. Just because.

We arrived to dinner a little late and that meant that we were unable to sit at our regular table. instead we sat at the table with the daughter of Jen’s Senior National Director, who is a very good photographer. She is currently only using a Rebel XTi and has been making some decent money with it. Of course, she has talent, so I thought. well, if I went with Canon, I could start at the XT and move up the family chain. Food for thought, while eating food.


So we pull into our last port of call, Nassau. When I boarded the water taxi, I realized that I did not have my credit cards. OH #^$*&^#! If I see a camera, there would be no purchase. AAAAAAAAAA. Oh well.

So we decided that we were going to be beahc bums for the day. We left with another couple and took the water taxi over to the Atlantis area to check out the beaches. When we finally made our way around Atlantis and througha sister hotel, we saw this nice beach. However, it looked as if it was only for the guests of the resort.

Upon further review, only the chairs were reserved for the resort, but the sand was free for everyone. We made a claim on a small piece of real estate of nothing but porous sand. In a mad sprint, I headed to the water.

Splish, Splash, dive… WOOOOOOOOOOOAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH that’s cold! The water although very clear was a little cold. Actually it was that cold at first water, but then fine once you have been in it after a while.

We had been there for just an hour or so when more of our cruise party came waking up the shore. How funny! So they joined us for a while and headed back to the boat with us. We debated on whether to get a land taxi or use the water taxi.

Then we saw a van, with the words “Taxi” on it. One of our party members asked if he would take us to the boat. and he said sure. So 9 of us piled into a 7 person passenger van. I am sure that some rules where being broken, but we needed to be on that Ship!

As we crossed over tfrom Paradise Island, the driver asked if he could stop and get gas. Well, what choice did we have? Risk it and run out of gas, or be taken hostage for ransom. 9 vs. 1 is pretty good odds on our favor.

Well, we got gas. $3.73 per gallon! And made it back to the boat with time to spare. YAY!

Going Home

We pulled into the Miami port just as promised and it only took us an hou and a half to get off the boat. Most of that was just waiting at breakfast for our group to be called. By 10:30 or so we were checking into the airport. unfortunately, all the flights were full and would have to wait until 6:20pm for our flight. Oi!

The wait in the airport wasn’t as bad as I would have imagined. The flight was not delayed and we made it back to Charlotte without incident. Once we had our bags, it was time to find our vehicle. Even Long Term Parking wasn’t terrible. Cool. Now to get the kids. We decided that since we had stuff to do Monday, that we would leave once we got the kids. At 4am in the morning we rolled into Knoxville and the homestead.

Okay now to work on the pictures!

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