Sea and San Juan

Okay, so we are on the ship now. Safe and Sound.

Almost immediately, we check out our cabin, no luggage yet and find the nearest food eating area. The open cafe that is essentially open 20 of the 24 hours of the day was called the Windjammer. Remember that.

So we made it to the Windjammer to begin the feast of food on the cruise ship. I can’t tell you what I had because I don’t really remember, but it was decent. One thing that we noticed immediately between Royal Caribbean (RCCL) and Celebrity was that the RCCL staff wasn’t offering to take Jen’s tray as Celebrity did… no big deal.

After grabbing our food, we headed back to our cabin, I mean, State Room. It’s okay you can say it… Oooooooooooooo. Well, the room wasn’t small but not huge. We had an inside room which meant that we saw the Royal Promenade, or the main thoroughfare for shopping. We could see come of the tables and we even were able to see what new “sidewalk items” were for sale. We had a view of on of the bars and even 4 seats of the Casino bar, one level lower.

The best potential view was that we were on the highest level of the staterooms on the royal promenade, so we could see across the promenade into both rooms our level and those below. FYI: Our room was on the 8th floor and the Royal Promenade was on level 5.

The mandatory muster drill happened. No lives were lost, but there were alot of funny people walking around with Orange Life vests. With all the orange around I felt like I was back in Tennessee.

Internet was 50cents a minute. But you could purchase a wireless internet package if you had brought your own laptop. I didn’t bring P3 Mobile1, so I have no idea what it was running costwise.

We missed the late night entertainment, I think it was a comedian. For some reason, I was a little tired…

Day 2: The Young Man and the Sea
The main reason why we were on the cruise was not because I wanted to be away from my kids for a month, but rather this was a meeting for Jen and her MK business. Her Senior National Sales Director organized a special trip for directors in her area as well as her offspring sales director. If you didn’t follow, just think Jen qualified. And being a spouse, I get the same things she does, which is AWESOME when it comes to luncheons and awards.

So, during our days at sea, Monday & Friday, we were having 2 hour meetings discussion new promotions, strategies for the rest of the Seminar year and other good stuff. The nice thing was that I was able to meet and hang out with a lot of the MK husbands that I had never met before.

So Monday morning we had the meeting. Being the good little podcaster I am, I recorded and keeping with my podcasting skills, it still needs to be edited and burned… same with those picture.

i didn’t take notes on what we did for the rest of the day. So you can use your imagination. Perhaps it was laying out in the Solarium playing Yahtzee on Jen’s Treo or maybe it was finding the frozen yogurt machine. You have to include the free regular coffee bar as well as getting lost on the boat to look at all the cool photography and artwork on the boat. If you said learn how to Salsa and Swing, “That Would Be Correct, Sir!”
For dinner, our “big Group” had 4 or 5 tables in the same area at the same dinner time. This made dinner a load of fun!Our waiter for the cruise was named Madhu from India, which in Simpsons fashion we had him say “Thank you, Come Again” (so wrong, I know). Madhu was freaking hilarious as well as a awesome waiter. Through the course of the cruise, the askings for 2 or 3 desserts, an extra entree or even having an appetizer (mmm, escargot) in lieu of a salad was met with nothing but joy. Other tables had waiter Nazis, as we found out “Only ONE DESSERT FOR YOU!!!” Jacob from Chile was our assistant waiter and worked like the Energizer Bunny. If you asked for something one night, it was there every other night without you mentioning it.

I don’t remember what was for dinner, but perhaps I’ll list my fave food at the end of this post serious. OH! I almost forgot, this day was the formal dinner, which means I had my James Bond Tux on for dinner. Luckily I didn’t spill anything on it. YAY!

The main entertainment was a Magician Nick Lewin. If you google his name, I think his website pops up. He did more comedy than magic, but his magic was cool. I’ll end the Day at Sea with the only joke that I remember without having to hypnotizing myself to remember.

(reaching and searching in his front pants pocket) “Huh, I don’t remember getting any plums”

(general laughter by the audience, this was the 3 or 4th joke in row about ‘Things in his Pants Pocket’)

Later in the show, “Oh, I better pull these out,” he explains as he pulls 2 plums out of his pants pocket, “This way, you don’t have to explain it to the kids.”

Day 3 Finding Menudo

The route of the boat was go South for the first couple days and then make stops on the way back. So, for all of Day2 (Monday) we were huffing it in a southernly course. We were due to arrive in San Juan at around 2pm, but we would only have 5 hours or so.

So getting up for breakfast we went to the Dining Room area (Sitdown and a menu). Everything else is kinda fuzzy until we got into port. I’m sure that we looked around for our Formal pictures, and got ice cream, and coffee and played yahtzee. Perhaps if I had my pictures, the timestamps would freshen my memory.

At 2pm, we docked at San Juan… oh, the girls were itching to shop. But in order to not bore all the readers with some testosterone, I’ll just list some of the fine places that we shopped. Of course, the fact that I remember them doesn’t bode well for me.

  • Dooney & Burke (or Doody & Borjk as I call it)
  • Coach
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Gap
  • Payless
  • The Diet Coke Machine near the bank (my only purchase and no CokeRewards points… what’s the Spanish word for bastards?)
  • A very trendy store called “I forgot”, I want to say “Maryann” or something
  • A Couple of Ma&Pa shops
  • Del Sol
  • The bar where the very first Pina Colada was made.
    and a few other low impressionable stores.

The damage to the credit card wasn’t all that bad. but it was getting dark and we didn’t want to be caught on the streets alone.

After we got back on the ship, but before it set sail, I ran outside on the outside running “area”. I had lucked out because I only had a headwind on one of the shortest legs of the course. On the two long stretches, I had crosswinds and the other short section was, duh, a tailwind. I managed to run 4 miles, thanks in part to the Phedippidations podcast, where I was listening to the Running Legend: Jim Fixx episode. It was a very good tempo run that I was able to run progressively faster over the course. I did have to run 20 laps and dodge a few cruisemates, but it wasn’t bad. It was nice to run again.
The night time entertainment was a song and dance number called “Vibeology”. Now, as soon as I read the title of the show… I knew exactly what song they were referencing. If you go to your Paula Abdul CDs and pickout the 1991 album called Spellbound, you will find the gem of a song called Vibeology mixed in with early 90s classics such as Rush Rush, Promise of a New Day and Blowing Kisses in the Wind.

Vibeology, probably my favorite song of that album has been used on a number of different workout tapes and running song playlists. I even included on a workout tape I made my mom back 1993.

So, the jist of the show was highlighting some music (vibe) genres over the years. They highlighted 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. The most memorable ones were the Victorian Costumes from Annie Lennox “Walking on Broken Glass” (yet, another running song). The Dress were just props on wheels so as the bouncy piano was playing, they could slide real fast completely sideways. The other song that was probably the most professionally choreographed was Sting’s “Desert Rose” (not a running song). At which all the dancers were in some form of white and two of the male dancers swung out over the audience on cables. it was a neat elegant effect.

So it was good and was also the group’s last performance on that ship. They were getting off at the next stop for their next boat.

And then, the day ended and light’s out.

Next Up: The Saints

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