Prelude to a Cruise

With a great deal of Jet Lag, I somehow managed to get up and out the door for my Thanksgiving day race, Autumnfest. I can tell you that I did just fine, but details will be on Gravity@1053.

Both Jen and I myself volunteered at the Day of Race Registration table and had a blast. I was released a little early to get some light stretching done and a warmup run.

After the race was over, I got a call from my brother Chris who was coming in that day and his plane was broken. I think the big rubber band had snapped and the technicians couldn’t fix it. So, he was herded over to another airline and was going to be a little later than normal.

Thanksgiving dinner was simple but very nice. I was very tired from my race and the jetlag, most of the day seems like a big foggy adventure.

Despite all the planning for Black Friday, nothing happened. Of course I was up at 5am, since it was only really 11pm in my brain. By about 8:30am, I was enlisted to go to Target to look for a couple of things.

After parking 1.2 miles away from Target, I walked .5 miles in the electronics area just to find out that they were sold out of what I was there to get. Oh well. So, I went on to my next Port of Call, which was JC Penney. They were much more manageable with only like 250 people in the store, so I was able to get in, find what I needed and get out without a problem.

Friday, Jen’s parents came to visit along with Tita Remy. Tita means “Aunt” in Tagalog (ta-gol-lig) and can be used for just about any family-related female. Tita Remy was the one who was gracious enough to take the kids for a week and so she came to Knoxville for a crash course.

So for most of Friday and Saturday she observed, asked and participated in the intricacies of The Elder and The Younger.

Saturday evening we left for Winston-Salem NC. We only had to stop 3 times so that Eric could use the bathroom. Oh, my country for a clean bathroom. It was rather disgusting to have to help a kid who has recent independence of using the bathroom, but it a little too short for most toilets/urinals in a world were Men (now get this…) don’t put the toilet seat up, don’t flush the toilet and put objects (not yet identified by NASA) into said toilets/urinals.

Bless the maker of soap, plus the hundred gallons of Purell (and Purell ripoffs) that I brought. Ugh, I needed a shower like Meryll Streep had in Rosewood.

For some reason, the kids never went to sleep during the ride but we did watch the same Thomas the Tank Engine video over and over and over and over and over and over and one more time.

Finally, we all went to sleep. Jen on the bed with one kid and I on the floor with the other.

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