More CokeRewards

I have a few new readers/commenters now (I don’t really check my stats) based on, well, my comments and so I wanted to refresh everyone on that fun little game that we are calling… wait, we are not calling it anything are we?

Short-Short version: I’m a sucker for slick marketing.

Result: I’m drinking Diet Coke (yes, I know it’s bad for me, but work wouldn’t go for the Tequila shots, so Diet Coke it is) so that I can collect the My CokeReward codes to get free stuff

How you fit in: You drink Coke related products and send me the codes.

What’s in it for you (the reader)? You might win something… Everyone from last round (should have) gotten something as a result.

What’s in it for me (Terry)? I like the email, plus, it’s fun

No, really, what’s in it for Terry: Well, I did get a bag (short-short version: I have a bag fetish)

AND just when I thought they were going to stop the program, Coca-Cola added more NEW stuff… and a bag.

So I am going for this:

Coke Reward Bag

It’s 769 points and as I wrote this I had 371 points

So what do I do? If you want to help me try to quench my thirst for bags, bags and more bags. Collect the special code on specially marked Coca-Cola products and email the 15 digit code and what product (flavor & size) to me. Oh, you don’t have my email? There’s a contact link that will send the a message to me and we can go from there.

Easy enough? And as an added incentive… I’ll have a winner this go-around too, just one this time.

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