Monkeys Run the Show

So I commented over at Pam’s site on her “I Do A Little Showing Off”


what great cookies… makes my PB clone trees look like monkeys made them.

(hey, I heard that!)

Then, I get this comment on the “Winner” post:

Congrats to Stacie…

Pics…judging must be done if you are going to make comments like those over at my place!!!

Since a little Self-deprecating is not beyond me when it comes to the amusement of others (a little in moderation can be a good thing…), I present you the evidence that my Christmas Creations pale, like a redhead in the dead of winter, living in a cave, to the all-mighty (coincidentally a redhead) Pam the Super Incredible (I could make serious Moolah doing this) Baker.

Exhibit A:

Pam's Cookies

Just LOOK at them, so pretty and colorful… The edges so clean, look at the detail, Snowman has a tie better than what I can do in real life; The heart has very fancy schmancy doodlings that are artistic; and the polar bear, soooo cute.

okay, you ready… and I will let you know it’s okay to laugh and you can laugh out loud (LOL – for those younger than, oh say, 24). So, you be the judge if you are happy that you are not Stacie, the winner of these treats.

Exhibit B:

It’s no Kitty Litter cake or anything…

and to see the Monkey’s work up close:

So there you go… judge!

Stacie… bet your happy now, huh! 🙂

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