Milestone or numbers obsession?

When I went to enscribed my mileage and times in my running log today, I discovered a pretty neat milestone. Something which I was aware of on Monday, but somehow had temporary amnesia on Tuesday and Wednesday. My run on Tuesday put me over the 4000 mile mark in total miles logged since I started logging my runs in preparation for the 1999 Richmond Marathon.

All of you, I know, are aware that my Running Anniversary, the date that yours truly became a offical true blue runner, is Feb 28th, 1998. But Terry, you just said the 1999 Richmond Marathon, did you not record your runs for a whole year and change?

Why yes, that would be correct. Although I was keeping track of my races in 1998 and early 1999, until I had my first running plan I kept minimal record of my runs. Even now, I don’t keep track of EVERYTHING about my run. Uh, strike that, I pretty much do because these blog entries have me pouring out my heart and soul as those tenths of a mile click away…

My quick and dirty log tells me how much I ran, the time and keeps track of the mileage on each pair of shoes. This year I have added a weather element but the log is still just a reader’s digest of my runs. For the fun full narrative of the runs, you need to come here.

Today’s run was a little different run of sorts. I had decided to record most of the runcast part of the next exciting episode of Gravity@1053 during today’s run, so to avoid unwanted noises, I chose the secluded area of 3rd Creek Greenway. In addition, I had on my brand new pair of Harmony from Vitruvian Running. This is a brand new model for me, so I was a little anxious to try it out.

I am happy to say that everything worked out great today. Because I was in the zone on running, I ran a little bit longer that I normally would, 5.18 miles. I was also able to get in all the recording that I needed as well. This way, I can get the audio downloaded and start the editing process, then perhaps I will meet my schedule of getting the show out on the Tuesday, like I promised.

The Harmony shoes worked out just fine. I did have to run in my dress socks (you can laugh, it’s okay) and so I think there was less space in there than normal. I don’t think they’ll be a god trainer shoe for me but they are going to be a great racing shoe. They even look fast!


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