Holiday Funnies

Last year, I posted someone with more than their share of holiday spirit.

Well, I have been receiving some Christmas Cartoons and a couple of them made me smile and one made me laugh out loud (that’s lol for those 18 and younger).

So here is the one that made me smile…

It’s a little punny:

And the one that is wickedly cruel that made me laugh. I immediately thought of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:

What's that?

A bonus, Dr. Jones.  That is
poison.  You just drank the
rest of it.

Indiana examines his champagne glass and sees a residue at the
bottom of it.  He swallows and feels sick, wondering it it's fear
or the poison already taking effect.

LAO (Cont'd)
There is an antidote for this
poison.  You give me Nurhachi --
I give you the antidote.

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