Veteran’s Day

Friday was the celebration of Veteran’s Day. For the government and banks, this was a day off. For other people this was going to be a shortened day. We fell in the later category.

We had breakfast at Deluxe café and the game plan for the day was to hit a few businesses that had forms completed as well as hit some businesses that we knew hadn’t received forms.

Jim and I tried to find the golf course entrance, but what I thought was the entrance ended up to be a back road that ended up being a dirt road and I couldn’t tell where it ended. So, huh… how to get there. As we were leaving, we saw a motorcade of 2 bikes and a black SUV vehicle. We figured that it must be a high ranking official. So we followed and sure enough it was the Lt. Governor going to the JV championship football game at the main stadium. As we were passing the stadium the JROTC were marching toward the stadium in parade type fashion.

We then headed back to Pago Pago to try to find Richard who was working that part of the island. Once we found him, which wasn’t too hard, we made our way back to the Tafuna area for lunch. We ended up eating at this small place lunch that was so-so. The guys ordered cheeseburgers and said they were like meatloaf on a bun.

After lunch, we only had 4 places to visit before we were calling it a day. Richard had 2 and Jim and I had 2. In great Veteran’s Day style, the printshop was closed, so we went to the bowling alley. Yes, they have a bowling alley here. About 12 lanes and they are pretty serious about their league play. We help them fill out their form and was there a little longer than planned. The owner was telling us about the culture of the island from a business perspective and how hard it was to find good help. But after that it was back to the hotel.

At the hotel, I was on the computer for about 3 hours trying to catchup on everything. I have a ton of online surveys that I feel compelled to complete and of course reading/commenting on blogs.

We had dinner in downtown Pago Pago at what would pass for a 3-4 start restaurant in the States. It was a fine restaurant and the meal was very good. We’d probably eat there more often if it wasn’t so far away from our hotel.

Once back at the hotel, I crashed pretty early… waking up in the middle of the night and the TV was still on.

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