The Island Remains the Same

We had arrived on the island under the cover of night. And although I could recognize things and buildings and such… I could not make out the Mountains that Protrude from the northern part of the island.

I woke up Friday Morning sometime around 7am which was 1pm Eastern and I felt great! The game plan today was to go eat breakfast and then go to the Hawaiian Airlines office at the airport to get a claim started for their missing luggage.

The exotic breakfast place today was McDonald’s. Yup… that’s how exotic we got for this morning. A small coffee and hotcakes were $3.15, which you can go to your McD’s and see how the prices compare. Oddly enough, in 2004… was the very first time that I ever had hotcakes from McDonalds. I am more of a McChicken Biscuit kinda guy… but, the hotcakes legacy lives on.

After McDonalds we went to Friendly Car Rentals because my rental car had a burnt out break light and I wasn’t in the mood to get a ticket while on the island. Not that there are a lot of police cruisers around. We dropped off the car and went to the airport.

And when I say airport, I don’t mean a big box building with a runway… I mean and open air building where the Ticketing counters are just hanging out. Now, the Security check points are behind the only enclosed part of the building. The Airlines offices are just off to the side and we found out that we’d have to go to the Big White Building to see if our luggage was there.

Their luggage was not there. And the guys were lectured a little that they should have made a claim last night, so that the claim would have been sent on the following flight. However, the Hawaiian guy did relax and we share a little about our travels and such and that really eased the situation. We found out that Hawaiian Airlines is treated like the proverbial red-headed step child and that their baggage is not on the high priority for the other major airlines. This is a good thing for the guys… that their luggage just wasn’t brought over from American to Hawaiian, not that it is lost. We hope that their luggage will show up Sunday night at 9:30pm on the next flight from Hawaii.

After that we drove back to Friendly Car Rentals to get my car. Dropped that off at the hotel and then went out for a little tour of the island and eventually lunch.

The drive to the main city in American Samoa, Pago Pago, is on Island Route 001, which is the longest road on the island. We traveled out to the National Park Office where we ate at our fave restaurant from last Survey, DDW… which stands for Don’t Drink the Water. I had this thing called a “Steak Bomb” which was a hybrid sandwich of a Philly Cheese Steak and a Po’boy. It was had thicker steak than a Philly and not provolone but it was in a Po’boy sandwich. It was good and I was amazed that I finished the entire thing.

I spoke with the National park attendant and was excited to learn of an extenstion of the trail that we did last time. I think that next weekend, I am going to run up the trail to the top of the mountain and then hike down part of the backside trail and then hike down back to the car. This way, I would get some great hill work as well as some fun exploring. Take a couple of hours or so. Pictures will be in the mix, of course.

On the way back, we measured out an almost 9 mile course for me. I won’t try to run on the open roads until next weekend. This will give me time to get on the treadmill plus let me hydrate back to normal. Plus I want to run early Sunday morning when most of the Samoans are in church and not on the roadways.

Once back at the hotel, we waited until dinner. Well, we had stopped before we got back to the hotel to buy them some clothes and I got a case of beer, Vailima, and a case of water. It’s pretty weird to see just about everything that you would find in States here in American Samoa. They had EasyMac, which having a Hotpot in the room, I almost bought for a snack. But there are some other things from New Zealand/Australia that are not common to US. For example… Cadbury has a Chocolate bar called “Energy” and I might try it next time. I really need to see if they can get some import of chocolate like they did last time. Regular readers know how much I love chocolate much less Cadbury… two delicious words: MINI EGGS!

We went to the Chinese place on the island, Hong Kong House. I had Ginger Garlic Pork and that was pretty good. HUGE portions and very inexpensive. I had been feeling the effects of jetlag and was ready to go to bed. A super full stomach doesn’t help.

Back at the hotel, I started to devour the last few chapters of Harry Potter 6. I hadn’t quite guessed everything that happened, but if you are a Harry Potter fan, it should make speculation for what Rowling says the last book as the final book. I will leave you with this question. If Potter doesn’t want to finish his final year, why stop at 7?

After I finished, I put on some TV and fell asleep with it on. I started having dreams of being on the Starship Enterprise and had a Star Trek heavily themed dream. Then I woke up to see it on the TV… Unfortunately there were no hot Klingon babes on the screen, so I turned it off and tried to get as much sleep as I could… I needed it!

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