Rainy Days and Monday

The average temps here are low 80s, with 100% humidity. It’s been rainy everyday we have been here…

Today was the first day of the survey. We had a meeting arranged at 9am with the Chief Statistician at the government building. So at around 7am, I went downstairs to get a Cappuccino at the little coffee shop. We were meeting at close to 8am to drive to town and get some breakfast as well as being close to our meeting.

We are wolfing down our breakfast (I had French Toast) because we had 20 minutes before our meeting. We go out to the car and click, click… nothing. The car wouldn’t start… nothing. We had to call the rental car company to get someone down to town to fix the car. We called the people that we were supposed to meet to let them know that we would not be there. Our meeting was changed to Wednesday.

So with nothing to do for a while, we decided to check out the radio station. In 2004, we had a couple of radio spots, Richard and I had a spot with the radio show which was a little nerve racking because they were being all funny and goofy and we were all serious like. Well, this time, I did a recorded interview for that day’s news spot as well as were scheduled for Thursday morning show.

The interview was a whole lot easier than last time and I think that the podcasting that I have done contributed to my calmness. Speaking of podcast, the next episode of Gravity@1053 will be available soon. I would have done the final edit yesterday but found myself asleep shortly after dinner.

The car rental place arrived and gave up his car to drive back to the car rental headquarters. WE then went back to the hotel to get my car, which “sort of” works and since it was close enough to noon… Lunch was next! We waited in the car and listened to the news at noon. Sure Enough… there was my voice…

Despite the fact that it was rainy and windy, we decided to start the survey. It took a couple of business to get down the spiel of why we were here and what we were doing. We have been fairly well received, a few people not sure if they want to participate, but we did for the first day considering the weather.

We came back and I worked on compiling the notes of everywhere we went to make sure that we didn’t miss anything or missed an appointment or calling someone in the next couple of days to arrange a meeting. Dinner we had right at the Equator, which is the restaurant right here at the hotel. It’s good, but expensive relative to other places on the island. Not feeling all that hungry, I had this Carmalized Pork and Lobster Salad. Which the salad part was a bean type base, with shredded pork that had been cooked with some molasses type coating (the carmalized part). The lobster ended up being raw lobster. Apart from not being anything I imagined, it was very good and not all that large, so I was happy.

When we got back to the hotel room, I may have stayed up for about 30 minutes or so before getting tired enough to lay in bed and not at the computer. I decided that I would try to listen to a History channel show on the Knights Templar and start reading the book 1776. Well, in less than 5 minutes, I was out. Obviously, I didn’t run because I was sleeping, but for some reason my right arch was a little sore all day, so it was probably good that I took the day off.

I did organize some of my pictures and will try to get them together tonight, which you’ll get sometime tomorrow. This whole 6hour difference thing is weird…

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