No Rain

So we get on the survey trail and try to cover the area on the main road, nearest the hotel. This area is called Tafuna (tah-FOO-Nah) and Nuuuli (noo-OOO-ley) and we covered a good amount during the morning. Most people didn’t know why were there or that we had forms sent to the island prior to arrival, but that’s why we do this.

After pounding the road, and really, the hardest part is getting in and out of the car, which is a piece of junk. I take that back. It’s a car that works… for now.

We joked when we returned from the American Samoa last time that everything is Samoan Sized… where bigger is…well, normal. This is Soooooooo true when you order food on the island. Chinese food, in particular. When you order a single entrée, you order a size that back in the States would feed a family. Next time we order Chinese food, I hope to take a picture.

You order a bowl of soup, it’s a gallon of soup. You giggle out there… I kid you not.

So we left more Chinese than the three of us ate. We were full, but we need some energy for more survey work. More businesses… more “Hi, My name is Terry Higgins…”

Then, being the Team Leader, I called the day a little earlier than we did last time we were on the island. But then again, that is the type of guy that I am… But we did have an hour of notes and working on what is going to happen the next couple of days.

I ended up running after notes and before dinner. I was able to get 3 miles of progressive speed on the treadmill (to avoid boredom) and then on a whim, headed outside and ran on the road here. Well, I kept on the sidewalks for the most part. My intention was to do a nice slow mile… but that’s not what happened. Because I was so geared up from the treadmill, that I could tell that I was running really fast… I have the pace on the return 0.45 miles at 6:57. Wooooah.

After running, what could be better than McDonald’s? Well, a lot, but that is what was for dinner. I ended up with Chicken Selects. Seeing that I had ran, I was thinking that I might get a Chocolate Shake, but I went with my consciousness and decided to just get the Diet Coke.

After dinner, we went over to the KS Mart and I got a Cadbury “Energy” Bar and Red Horse Beer. Oh no, not to be consumed together! Bleh…

So, I finally got my second episode of the podcast out, as you should already know. But I was very tired and I was out…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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