Day 15 of 19, no make that 20

While I slept, our itinerary was changed to reflect leaving 24 hours later than previous discussed. Nothing Like some major jet lag less than 24 hours before a relatively major 8k race, picking up your brother from the airport and having Thanksgiving with the family…

But I’m alive and healthy to do all of those things, so why should I bitch and complain. That would just make a not so great situation even worse, so why waste the energy… I have better things to do.

On that note, it was time to go to work. And the days all run together, so to even try to think WHAT I did yesterday would be a joke… not a Ha-Ha joke. So, we played your local friendly surveyor all morning and afternoon.

Once we got back from work, I decided that I needed to get out and run an easy run. Or rather an easy pace, not this speed demon run. I need to slow down and give myself to a chance to heal and rest up before the race the day, errrr make that 22 hrs, after I get home. Well today, it kinda worked.

I ran the loop around the hotel “block” which ends up being 3.2 miles, I can’t gmap-pedometer the course, so it’s what I go with. My pace for the just over 5k distance was a 8:31 min/mile. A little slower than the less than 8:00 min/pace that I had been running.

Since it had been raining all day (I didn’t mention that), I was worried that I would hit some of the rain. And I did, but it wasn’t bad. More of a light mist more than anything else. I had a couple of people say “Hi” to me as I passed by, that caused me to run faster. So I had to slow myself down. Then a dog came out of no where and that caused me to run faster. Once I was in the clear, I slowed down.

For dinner we at a Rubbles Tavern and the item on the menu that was calling my name… Nachos. They weren’t bad and it was nice to have a nice jalepeno taste in my mouth. Tomorrow would be the last “real” day of the survey and a step closer to getting home!

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon