I was still a little sore Monday morning. It seemed that my ankle were sore. I guess the rocky terrain and all climbing were a little more than strenuous than just running.

At breakfast, I had a different database to work with for our survey strategy. It was a listing of all the business that we had dropped off forms but didn’t hear back from last week. So we went at it all day long… I do believe that we even skipped lunch (big breakfast). It was drive here and drive there.

Despite my ankles hurting, I decided that I would run after work and that I would run completely outside in the hear. Luckily enough it was one of the hotter days but there was a little breeze… so no gnats! YAY. I mapped out a 3.1 mile course and was anxious to get it started.

I was worried that I would be too fast out of the hotel and I wasn’t too bad. But what I do was speed up. I could tell that I was still a little fatigued from the Hike on Sunday and that I would need to slow down. But I didn’t. Analyzing my split times for the run, I ended up slowing down dramatically over the last 0.7 miles. Some of this is due the inaccuracy of my car mileage, but I think there was some truth in the numbers. By my watch, my pace slowed from a 7:49 min mile to a 9:49 min mile. Yeah, that felt about right. My total time for the 3.1 run was 25:28 (an 8:20 min mile), a little slower than usual but hell, I just hiked up a freaking mountain and back.

That night we went to Checkers for dinner. If Jim only knew that chili dog with extra stuff on it wasn’t going to be his friend.

So, you have to love the TV here. As I worked on the computer, I got to watch The Exorcist and Jeepers Creepers… saw ads on The History Channel about vampire shows I saw back in Tennessee…

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