Almost Halloween…

After a Decent night’s sleep, I decided that waking up 30 minutes before our meeting would be plenty of time to get ready and out the door. So it was that we went to The Deluxe Cafe for breakfast, which on the island is defintely a deluxe cafe.

We had to go to Forsgren to return some clothes that Jim and Richard had to return because they didn’t fit. The weather had turned sour on Saturday as it rained for most of the day.

Once back at the hotel, I followed UT’s loss to LSU on the internet but watched their win against Alabama (10/21). I also tried to catch up on everyone’s blog entry for the past few days plus post a couple of my own. At some point we went to the KS mart here where I looked for the Cadbury selection… very disappointing. Nothing cool. Well, I did get a Red Horse Beer which not only is 7% alcohol but also brewed in the Phillippines. So that’s kinda cool!

Dinner was at Pizza Hut tonight… it was a fine pizza too… pretty much exactly what you would find on the mainland.

I tried to run on the treadmill last night and it was pretty bad. I think that the treadmill triggered somethings in my body that caused certain bodily functions to get started. This was a good thing… because after the 1.5 miles and trip back to the room, I felt much better. I think I am still a little dehydrated, but I think that is something I can solve and shorter runs won’t be a problem now.

I watched a little TV from 2 weeks ago. The commercials talk about how the World Series is starting, or 10 days of Horror Movies (preHalloween). I was starting to feel a little tired and the next thing I knew I was out!

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