Is the mic on?

Our morning appointment was with the radio station KHJ and had I been smart I would have given you the heads up to listen online to my goofy self on the radio. I did have the presence of mind to ask for the audio and maybe able to get some of it on a future Gravity@1053 podcast.

Ther radio show went well, as with any morning show there was a lot of joking going on. I think that helped our image a little that we are not on the island to do any investigation of any sort and that we are regular people just trying to do our job. We had our picture taken but we are not up there as of this entry. The radio station URL is

So after the radio spot, we kept on with the survey. I was even asked if I was the one on the radio this morning. Why sure I was, need my autograph? Well, I didn’t give out my autograph, but it was kind a cool to be a celebrity (of sorts). Of course, being a white guy on an island with lots of Polynesian people, you do stand out regardless.

We went to that open air airport and talked with a few people there and even had lunch. We drove to western part of island to try to find some more businesses on that side of the island. Then toward the later part of the day, we got a call from Starkist to let us know that we’d have a meeting at 1pm on Wednesday with the general manager and that we’d be taking a tour of the plant.

The last place that we visited was Pacifica IT, a small IT business. What was interesting about these people is they are a true start-up business. They are a computer support company, who provides internet service to the island and build/repair computers. The secretary was explaining about some of the visits they made to the schools about computer and a couple of summer classes that had the kids build computers from scratch. Right up my alley, huh?

The coolest thing was that they were explaining that their technicians had gone online and purchase all the part off the internet to make their own satellite dish. With a basic compass and some math, they figured out in what direction to point the satellite to get the best reception. Pretty cool!

We ate the Hong Kong House again, now that we know how the portions are laid out, we can strategically order dinner with minimal leftovers. So endeth another day in American Samoa.

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