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There is a global event happening this weekend and part of it may be happening in your neck of the woods. October 7th and 8th is the Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon Challenge.

All over the WORLD, runners will be running the half marathon distance of 13.1 miles (21.1 kilometers) in show of comarderie and their love for running. In fact, we are up to 495 runners as I write this post and in over 20 countries… We (the Race Directors) had no idea the response we would get and this blows our minds.

Looking back, I should have done more publicity on my blog, since we could have used a lot of my non-running friends (yes, you are my friends… sorry) to send in words of encouragement for you fave runner/blogger/soon-to-be podcaster and for the other 494 runners this weekend. Also, I could have gotten you FREE advertisement for your blog and or other interest. I could have promoted Leesa’s Cafe Press… or GreekChickie’s Artwork or Michaels (ABAHB) $50 Motorcycle Fun Rides (okay, I made that last one up…) but you see I could have done that, but I felt kinda shy (no, really) about talking about it here.

But the finishing touches are coming along now. The Virtual Race Bag and the Results Page will be active today. I will be recording my WWH run, although I will be running by myself. The audio will be used for my first official episode of Gravity @ 1053, I have one more beta version that I want to make before I go public, so to speak, with my podcast.

Anyway, here is more on the event itself:

The World Wide Half Marathon Challenge Official Website, (

We got written up in the Roanoke (Viriginia) Times, (

You can see where all of us runners are running, ( If you select Knoxville Greenways, that’s my route!

If you are in the media and/or know of someone in the media, here is the latest press release from Steve about the race:


September 26th, 2006

Steve Runner

World Wide Half Marathon Run

Runners from 22 countries will “Think Global, Run Local” as they participate in a unique world wide event.

Herzliyya Pituach, Israel – Over 400 runners in 22 countries across the planet will be running together on the weekend of October 7th and 8th for the First Annual “Phedippidations” World Wide Half Marathon Challenge.

Race director and co-founder for the challenge, Mal James: a Middle East based camera man for the Fox News Network, calls the event: “…a chance for runners around the world to take part in an event that we can all share together.”

The “World Wide Half Marathon Challenge” ( is an open invitational event where runners from around the globe will run either individually on their own 13.1 mile (21 km) courses or as part of an officially sanctioned race.

Teams of athletes have been organized around the globe, in countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Israel, London, Ethiopia, Brazil, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, India, and the Czech Republic.

“This has truly become a global event”, says Mal, “When we came up with the idea for a Worldwide Half Marathon, we never expected runners from around the world to embrace the concept with such enthusiasm. When you compare the number of entrants for most inaugural road races with this World Wide event, it’s clear that we have exceeded our wildest expectations!”

Most of the athletes who have registered for the World Wide Half have been training for the past 16 weeks, using the online training schedules published on the race website. For many of the runners, this will be their first time running such a distance.

The event is completely free and is being organized online through the services of, an independent athlete training log website. Entrants who run the race will record their finish times, enter an electronic map of their race courses and share their experiences of the day for posting on several online blogs and Internet radio “podcasts”.

The motto for the race is “Think Global, Run Local”. “The idea” says Mal, “is to know we are running all over the planet in our own local races, but that we are part of a global community of runners”

Phedippidations is an internet radio show for runners. It’s produced weekly and made available for weekend long runs at

Further information about the First Annual Phedippidations World Wide Half Marathon can be found at

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