So now that it is Wednesday, do you want to know about Monday…

Let me just tell you that Monday and Tuesday was insanely busy at work. Not constant, but lots of little stuff that added up.

Oh, let me share something with you about work. Go ahead and get that double expresso, the lead-up to what I do can be very boring. Very.

Officially, I am a Research Associate III (I got a promotion a few months back to go from I to III) at the University of Tennessee Business Department’s Construction Industry Research and Policy Center. I am their resident Statistician but really don’t get to do a lot of modeling or anything as simple as a mean. Really, I am more of the unoffical computer support and answering person. Just today, I got to give a brief history of the evolution of “streaming” Yes, really…

We operate on soft money, which means that we are funded through contracts… one of which is with the Department of Labor. One of our monthly tasks is to provide OSHA offices a list of random projects that we think will be active for a month. This way, the offices can sick their investigators out there to see who needs to be fined for infractions. Okay, so, we get these reports every month.

One of these reports is the Early Warning Service. This report tells us when a project is coming up that is going to be a biggie! For all practical purposes most projects valued at $10,000,000 or more are flagged for most offices. Some offices like NYC and Phoenix have lots and lots of EWS projects.

Still awake? Good.

So, this month, I am going through the EWS report and there is this project that is $510,000,000 and I think “Woah, that’s a big mofo project”. Even Nuclear Power plant projects and the like are only $60,000,000.

So I look further and it’s classified as a park or something similar. Who has a 1/2 billion dollar park? Donald Trump or Bill Gates maybe. So I look further… in New York City… New York City… park… 1/2 Billion Dollars… it HAS to be the 9/11 Memorial!

Yesterday at work, some of my action items were due to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and their impact down in Louisiana… go figure.

Today, so far… knock on wood, has been quiet. I do need the business list from America Samoa. But they are 6 hours behind EST, so can’t do anything with them yet.

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