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Some of you out there know that I have a love of photography. In fact, had I a chance to redo my whole college career, (based on what I like now) I would have been a Photography Major with a concentration in Exercise Science or maybe Sports Communication with a minor in photography. Screw all that Science/Math/Nuclear Engineering/Statistics crap… who believes in that made-up crap anyway…

High on my wishlist is to get a Digital SLR camera. Not the fancy point and shoot but the “I’m an amatuer who doesn’t want to shell out $2500 on a camera”. I’m looking at the current equivalent level of the Canon 20D/Nikon D70; but that’s about $1000 for the camera base alone let alone any basic lenses or even the fancy ones.

So, right now I am using an old fashion (pre Compact Disk, when vinyl was King) SLR. It’s a Canon AV-1 which uses 35mm film and you have to manually advance the film after each picture. It terms of technology it’s the 5lb mobile phone… but it works… thanks to Science and Math.

Since it takes 35mm film, I have to purchase said film and I have to get it developed. Currently, I purchase 400 speed film (good speed for most applications) at Sam’s and I send the roll away to York for development. I send it off because it’s way more convenient to send it out than try to plan going to wal-mart/sam’s/walgreens. I put it in a mailer, and eventually, I get my prints back and it runs me waiting 7-10 days and $6.60.

It’s like Christmas when one comes in because I forget what roll is what and so I am as surprised to see the content of my labors. Usually, out of a 24 roll film, there are 3-4 that I really like, 10 that are marginal, but I can tell there was a better shot, 5 that are “whatever” and the rest just suck. They are either bad shots, blurry… something.

Well, the roll that came in the mail yesterday was something out of the norm… they were of our trip to the Smoky National Park on October 7th and just after it

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon