When does a Opposum not pretend to be dead?

if you guessed… “when it’s dead” you are right.

So look here… it’s a nice beautiful day in Knoxville and I go outside to enjoy the backyard. I needed to put the “Nemo” pool away for the summer and take picture of the leaves… See how pretty it was:

What a Beautiful Fall Day

Nice, until you see the that “shaggy” thing in the corner…

Dead Oppossum. Skip the super wonder dog just kept running past it, oblivious. He doesn’t have a get track record… he didn’t even notice a mouse (sorry, SilentOne) when it was in the house.

So I get a bag for the burial and remove the carcass. I should write post about one of my radioactive projects in Irvine California when I had to handle frozen rabbits, birds, cats, starfish, rats… all radioactive… in the hot California Sun…

After talking with my cousin on Sunday Night, a few things fell into place and I began to understand why Skip was passe about the dead animal. After new information, this is what I think happened.

We left Skip outside by accident, so he camps out. You know that we have a Raccoon outside that is interested in Skip’s food. Well, he must not be the only one. My guess is that Skip’s sleeping, the ‘Possum comes up for some evening dinner, SKip wakes up and goes ballistic. Possum gets waxed.

Now, when we let Skip in on Saturday morning, she said that he smelled really bad… and he was dirty. Since Jen was having guests over, I gave skip a bath… and he usually does not get a bath. Thank goodness huh…

New Score:

Wildlife 1 Skip 1

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