Weekend Update

It was a rather busy weekend, or rather Friday Night/Saturday.

Friday Night
It was supposed to be 4 days of Birthday Bliss… a close attempt to get to the Birthday Drunkfest of 2000 when I had 7 days of alcohol consumption with my birthday as the focal point… but let me digress no further.

Thursday was the night (of my actual birthday) where my Mom brought Sushi and I spent time with her. Friday Night was the night with Jen were we had babysitting so that we could have our date night and celebrate dinnerwise. So, Friday afternoon I was trying to figure out what we were going to do. Was it a movie? was it live music? was it dinner? was it all or none of the above.

Knoxville isn’t known to really do a good job about publicizing its event, but the Offbeat Newspaper MetroPulse does a great job of trying to capture what to do and where. This one stop shop told me that neither Movies or Live Music was going to be part of the evening festivities. The chill in the air was enough to enjoy some outdoor live music, but all the music was indoors, in smoky bars or restaurants and starting too late for us to enjoy good music after a few beers. After all, Jen did have an event at the house on Saturday.

I decided that we should get some “authentic” Mexican food, as that is my absolute favorite. And of course, the best is the deep-fried mexican… chimichangas! OLE! Not only do you get the pure cholestoral cheese, but toss it in some hot oil and let the artery clogging begin. Your taste buds will be in some type of orgasmic state as your heart comes to a complete stop… So, when I got home our conversation went something like this:

“So did you decided where you wanted to go,” Jen asked.

“well, I was thinking Mexican, you know at the Chez Guava-hara-badunkadunk place,” I said as I wiped the drool from my lower lip.

“Oh, you mean ‘La Paz’?”

“Yeah, that place.”

“Well, Carla mentioned a new place off of Northshore called Don Gallo,” she said “She says it’s really good”

Gallo, with a ‘G’, ” I Thought, “Everybody knows that John Callo is dead, hee hee”

Coming back out of make beleive Hollywood land, “Yeah, that sounds good.”

So we went to to Don Gallo and I ended up getting the Alcapulco Chimichanga… which is the normal chimi except that you have steak, chicken AND shrimp all in that great big deep fried burrito. I had that and a big ol’ and a small ol’ Margarita! So, here is the first picture of me with the Birthday Sombrero… now, they didn’t know that I have a party sombrero at home that I wear at our parties (I’ll find a picture)…so they had to come take it away from me…

and here is my free desert for being a year older. It was yum-my!

A Wierd House Guest

As we were leaving for dinner, I noticed something not right on our garage door

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