I tried using Windows Live Writer (beta) and it posted to my LiveJournal account because I had never set up my WordPress blog. Then after setting my WP blog, WLW proceeded to crash on me. [Insert Microsoft Joke here]. Actually, in all honesty, I think it’s my hardware and what I put it through that caused said crash. So here’s the post:

Woah, as I type this at 3:24 in the pm in the Eastern Time Zone, I am seeing the big Sun thingie, you know… what makes that stuff called “Light”. I think that John and Michael have heard stories about sunshine in their Northwesternish local on the North American locale.Anyway, as I ran today it was 68 degree and severely overcast. You knew that it wasn’t going to rain but it was sure comfortable and we all knew, that today was going to be the last warm day… sunshine or not. Today’s forecast was 83 degrees… it’s 72 right now. Oh well.

I started my run today thinking that I wanted a change of course. But what would it be? I wanted to run a new route, and wander around a bit in my city. I thought perhaps, I would run around the Fort Sander’s area but that area requires a bunch of different street crossings and traffic concerns. So, as I crossed the Henley Street Bridge, I decided that I would take a hard left and see what I could find. I ended up rounding the west side of the Downtown YMCA and up to Summit Hill Drive. I turned on Walnut or Locust (I don’t remember) and cut through to Market Square. For being the crappy weather, there was a bunch of people out on the square…cool.

I cut over to Gay Street and headed down to around the Courthouse and then cut back to where I could hop back onto my normal Market Square Fab 4 Miler route. This way, I wouldn’t be to far out and could get back to shower and back to (BOOOO) work. Since I didn’t have any of the mile splits, I wasn’t sure where all the mile markers were, well, except for the 1st two.

7:58 for the first mile
8:13 for the last mile

The rest, I dunno… I ended up going 4.15 miles and got a new route. I might even try to expand out to the northern part of Knoxville… I should be exploring my city, not just running the same course day after day.

I have some concerns about my running next month. I’ll be in American Samoa (in the South Pacific) and will be there for about 18 days (including travel) and I won’t have the resources that I have here. Now, I do know that hotel that I will be staying at has a treadmill… well, that’s fine for 3-4 miles, but I don’t think that I could get the 7-10 that I want. The roads on American Samoa are not all that great. I’ll find a good map for you.

I looked back at my log from 2004 and I really didn’t do that bad for running while on the island. My longest run was 5.3 miles, which if I could get 10 miles once or twice, all might not be lost. Okay, I feel better… thank you blog for the free therapy.

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