The Massive Update

So well, you still there? I’ve just about caught up with all the computer work that I need to get done before I feel that I can take the time to give you all an update or two.

So let’s go back to last week shall we. Oh and I decided to give you the Short-Short version, as the short-short-short version wouldn’t be any fun and the short version would still be pages long since I can get so long typed (other form of winded).

Jen left for BootCamp in Florida in the early evening, so I got off work a little earlier than normal. However, I did manage to get my lunch run in and I ended up running in the Fort Sanders area and decided in mid-run to take a left hand turn to a place I had never run before. Oh, I so want to go back armed with a camera. It was awesome. There was a couple of abandoned buildings! I immediately thought of fellow photoblogger Kim of Kimesque. She takes pictures of abandon run down building all the time. I think my fave picture of hers is a series from a delapidated hotel/motel holiday inn. My run was 3.76 miles and in 31:51 for a 8:28 min pace.

“I love it when a plan comes together” The master plan was to babysitting come to the home. I jettison to work. Work half a day, go to Lakeshore Greenway to run. Run a few errands on the way home. Then do the Daddio thing. Mission Accomplished!

Work was fine, I am getting ready for American Samoa… more on that in the next few days.

Lakeshore is my fave place to run in Knoxvillle. It’s not all that scenic, but for running it’s a great technical place to run. The course, when run clockwise has a 1/4 mile hug downhill… a mile of very FLAT greenway… a short steep uphill… then rolling hills… a longer steep curvy up hill… then a long gradual downhill… and finally a gradual uphill. It’s a 2.1ish mile course. I am going to Gmap-Pedometer it again to see what the new milage is after the construction. I did 2 laps, 4.2 miles at 17:06 and 18:11 for a 35:17 total.

Once back at home, I made sure the kids didn’t kill themselves and proceed to get lists ready for our planned Mountain Excursion and the Phedippidation worldwide half marathon challenge. I ended up staying up until 1:30 in the morning getting stuff ready. Ugh.. and I was running 13.1 miles the next day.

The kids let me sleep until 6am, but then wanted food… what I am? a refrigerator? I had done enough the night before… all I had to do was load the car and go to 3rd creek to run. So, I did spend sometime with the kids before it was time for the babysitter to show up.

Out the door. I stopped at Kroger to get a disposable Camera to take with me during my run. I figured I’d want to take pictures. When i got to where I was going to start I got all my crap together and then could NOT find my gels… energy packs that I needed for the long run. I ended up giving up trying to find them and started running with my iRiver, Vibe MP3 player. Cell phone, 5 quarters, car key and bottle of sports drink. The first two miles where me going nuts because I couldn’t get everything straight. Finally, I got it to work. I hit the turn around point and was going back to the car. I finished in 1:57:44, my 3rd fastest half-marathon time when I didn’t have any enery gels. I could tell at about mile 8 that my legs were slowly going and by mile 9 or so was feeling the effects.

I get home and took a shower (which the kids let me do). We dilly-dallied around for a couple hours until I asked Eric the Elder, you want to go to the Mountain River Park. A place he had never heard me mention before. So he didn’t put up a fight when I put the kids in the van and drove an hour to the Great Smoky National Park. I found a turnoff spot that was close to the Little River. The kids started to throw rocks into the river, then picked rocks from the river to throw into the riverm then walked into the river… then were wading in it. I took pictures with my Canon AV-1 so, you’ll have to wait until I get them back. I send them to York because their cheaper this way and they arrive in the mail and I don’t have to plan a trip to Sam’s. I took 24, so about 3 or 4 of them should be good.

Saturday Night was another long night for me… Well, I fell alseep at 11:30. I mean after 13.1 miles and a mountin excursion, I could call it an early night right?

I made arrangements with Marty to come over and he and I would run. I was hoping that it would not be long. Turns out that he is injured and he opted not to run. So it’s 10:30am on a Sunday morning and you are at a professional brewmasters house, what do you do? “I think I’ll have a beer!”

I stayed a little while then went to go get the kids. I had been making a huge crockpot of chili, so I enjoyed that at night. I started working on the Audio for the World Wide Half Challenge.

I got to work half a day, then be home half a day with the kids. Weather was awesome and had the kids outdoors. Didn’t get to run at all, though. I did go and feed Spunky who is my neighbor’s Gecko. I didn’t get to full appreciate the Circle of Life and the Food Chain of Gecko vs/ Cricket.


Brought Eric to work with me as Jen has a Networing meeting on Tuesday, plus a conference call at 9am. She took him for while, then he came back and had lunch with Daddio while Jen had a working lunch. I sent off my Taxes for 2005 (yes, I know…) and a couple of other things. So, I went to bed early last night at 11:30 or so.

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