Recipe for Destruction

Serves: 1 household
Prep Time: 1 millisecond

1 Traveling Mommy
2 Crazy Kids
1 Goofy Dad

Properly send the Mommy off to Florida. Add the Crazy Kids and stir with excitement, sugar, and Thomas Videos. Add one Goofy Dad with a list of stuff to do. Sit back and brace for the explosion.

Actually, it’s not that bad. I can handle to some extent the kids all by myself without the house imploding on itself. Remember that I already do 80% of the cooking, 90% of the laundry, 45% of the cleaning, 95% of the bathing, 90% of the bedtime ritual. But I do about 20% of the discipline and non-playing parenting, so I’m flashy on paper, but weak in content.

Jen is going to Florida for basically 5 days. She’s leaving today and won’t be back until Monday. But instead of locking the kids up in the basement and hoping that Social Services doesn’t knock on the door, this crazy dad has some far-out and groovy ideas on what will be happening this weekend… We’ll see how sane I am since I am planning on doing a ton of stuff.

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