Peach Fuzz or a Big Mess?

I thought that I might also title this post “Terry Werry had no hair…” but I quickly vetoed that one. So, this could be part of a “Things about Terry (you never really wanted to know)” series. But this was “by request” from a lurking visitor who shall remain nameless… for right now. Now, on with the regular scheduled blog entry…
When most people think of the word “Facial Hair” usually the images big burly men such as Grizzly Adams Grizzly Adamsor even the rockers ZZ Top. ZZ TopAnd guys, you all told your mom that when you (finally) left home you were going to grow your beard like the dudes on ZZ Top. Your mom probably didn’t even glance up from her magazine when she said “Okay Dear…”

Well, I have never ever been the poster child for facial hair. In fact, I didn’t even “really” shave until my Sophomore in college and even then it was more for… well, I don’t know why I shaved, I didn’t need to… My 5 O’clock shadow is like a 5 month shadow.

So for the past 6-8 weeks I have been growing my “beard”… so that I can be a manly man and have butter scones with tea. Perhaps even grunt, fart, scratch my butt and say “More POWER!” and “Where’s the Duct Tape?” Actually, I do all that (especially the ‘farting’ part) with or without facial hair. So you want to see what 6-8 WEEKS can do for a man:

Full Beard

Okay, I will give you a second to stop laughing before you scroll further.

Nice Chops

And now, for my next magic trick… the facial hair shall DISAPPEAR!


That’s more like a Kiddie than a Goatie

the moustache

[Insert witty gay joke here, winner gets a prize]

And now, back to my normal… every so baby (but getting older) face:

Clean Shaved

And there you go… 6-8 weeks of Work, down the drain (literally) in 5 minutes. I don’t complain anymore about not having to shave. When I was <21 I wanted to grow facial hair so that I wouldn't get carded... well, now that time period has gone it would have been a fruitless endeavor because I still get carded from time to time. My response (now) to "Can I see your ID?": “HELL YEAH!”

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