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If you tried to post a comment and recently got a fatal error, I apologize. I was trying to make a way that I could quote your comment and thus reply to what you said. Much like in LiveJournal.

Well, the first plugin just didn’t work for me and I don’t know why. Fellow runner and WordPress user DPeach at My Thought Spot had it work right “out of the box”… me not so much. I must have done something out of order because I lost ALL links to ANY comments, then I got it back, then I lost it. I ended up giving up and deactivating the pluging.

Then I get email this morning saying that people can’t comment. Now THAT is a NATIONAL OUTRAGE! For this country blog was built on the principles of commenting… for ‘He who share his comments exposes his true soul’.

OKay that is just hogwash I made up. Fast forward to a little while ago and I tried another plugin… and it WORKED. It’s called… Quoter and you can check it out somewhere on this website. It allows ANYONE to quote any comment… sweet. However, the quote link is very very small and if you blink, you won’t see it. If you close your eyes, you DEFINITELY won’t see it. But it’s a little link called ‘Hey! Click Here to Quote’

So know you should be able to quote and comment on other people’s comments as well! So Enjoy.

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I'm a husband, father and runner in the Knoxville area. I love the way that running makes me feel and how it has changed my thinking. I am always looking for the new PR whether in the 5k or the marathon