I love it when a code comes together

When you go to things like WordPress or Moveable Type, there are almost a million different things that you can do to customize your world. In fact, you almost have to… because that’s spirit of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, it works right out of the zip file, but you can do much more with that big ball of clay. AIO blogging software has it’s place. Typically, they have everything you need to get what you want done. Both Blogger and LiveJournal both let you customize your blogs to a point the way you want it. LiveJournal even gives you a more community feel with it’s avatar/comment structure. Blogger lets you use javascript which is something that LJ does NOT let you use. The Microspace, err Micrsosoft Live site works well, I have one blog that I read who uses it (Hi, John) but it takes a lot longer to load (relatively) then other blogs.

So I was trying to customize my WP site to something closer to what I had at LiveJournal. So far, the only thing that I wish I had was the ability to send Voiceposts… but I am working on that. I have been banging my head the past 4-5 days trying to improve the interface that I use when I am posting online. The default WP Write Post section is pretty vanilla. I had just discovered some cool software for LJ just before the jump to WP. Windows even has it’s Live Writer program which I like. So, the I needed more clickly for my posty.

So next came the WP Plugins… oh there’s a lot and you can make your blog do wonderful things… notice the nice “Tag Cloud” or the cool Zombie Avatar… I get no spam and you don’t have to try to decipher and type a 8 character code… but posting was a little… “ehhhh”

I code write in code, but they have buttons to make things faster and easier and with all the crap that you are posting… it’s either blog or comment and I would rather comment on your sites. It’s so much more fun then rehashing some of the boring stuff that goes on around here. WAKE UP!

[Getting to the point] So I try to download the Advanced-WYSIWYG plugin… that’s technobabble for What You See Is What You Get (
And you ain’t seen – nothing yet; Let it flow – let yourself go; Slow and low – that is the tempo). Well the little buttons didn’t show up… argh. So after a little research and some poking and proding, FTPing, lots of deleting and uploading, I finally have them. YAY.

Not only will I be able to mystify you with my wit and charm (cough, cough) but I will be able to do stuff like This and This and maybe a little of this… and WAH-?CHA and KA-POW… WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
all with a little click

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