Getting It Done

I had wanted to read everyone’s blog from over the weekend and do all of my formal commenting , but today was busy at work. I also have some other stuff that HAS to be done… and I have pictures. SO… I am resorting to getting my blog entry out now, then going back as I can and taking out your blogs like a sniper on the roof…

So, Weekend was filled with lots of kids activities. We traveled around from place to place running errands and the like.

Saturday Evening, we went to an adult’s only Halloween party. Not, there was any craziness going on, just that it wasn’t kid friendly and the adults could just hangout without having to chase little ghost and goblins. Well, we used to be the King and Queen of Halloween, mainly because we loved to host the parties at our old house. Since we have been in the new house… we haven’t done anything.

So, seeing that we were going to a party, I thought that we’d need to bring something extra special. When we held the parties, we had Graveyard Cake, Terry’s World Famous Chewy Purple Hot Wings, I SCREAM Ice Cream, Jello-Like-substance-Shots and a bunch of weird stuff.

So when I came across the Kitty Litter Cake, I thought that would be a good Jen and Terry Signature Dessert! The Cake turned out AWESOME. We had people who COULD NOT look at it when they got their snacks. In fact, they chased one person with the cake around the house because they were so sickened. So here is the The Kitty Litter Cake:

Kitty Litter Cake
It’s ALL good!

The Scoop
And you HAD to serve it with the right utensil…

It's NOT crunchy
Mr. genii takes a big Ole Bite… As you wish. (Notice the Non Kid Friendly Beverages in the background)

So, I can supply a better and more logical recipe than the one that I used. Who ever wrote the recipe I used must have ADD because it said to use half of something a couple of times… HELLO, you can only use half of something twice! Don’t mess with the Statistician!

So, I am still pressed for time. So, enjoy. The next post will also be Halloween related, but will not included any graphic or disgusting pictures… that’s saved for the post AFTER the next one. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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