Free because I spent so much

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I am a sucker for creative marketing. If there is a promotion with a product that I like or can stand, I will do it. Especially if there is something that I can get for free for someone else.

Let’s walk down memory lane shall we? In 2003, Pepsi had a NFL promotion where you collected a certain number of the same team names then you could send in for a shirt of your favorite team. I think I sent out 4 shirts to people and not only was it a surprised, but I totally messed up their name… so they would have no earthly idea what the hell the were getting. E.g., Ray was changed to Reymundo.

Then in 2004, the NFL offer was the same except you would get a hat. Same Deal.

I guess, Pepsi had a bad deal with Pepsi and they no longer shared the marketing bed anymore. Perhaps, the sleeker sexier, iTunes was more than Pepsi could handle. So in 2005, it was free music. Yeah, nice, but not as fun as drinking one more 20oz hoping to get that 3rd Arizona Cardinal cap to sent out the next person’s hat.

These contests happened in the fall, started in Sept-Oct and ended in December. So I check the Convenient Stores yesterday and Pepsi has no contest what-so-over.

Cokek, on the other hand, has been running a long promotion since the spring. You might even remember that I sent in some points for a bag. Well, after poisoning my body with stuff such as Aspartame, Phosporic Acid, Potassium Benzonate and “Natural Flavors”, I have enough “points” go some more free swag.

And you know me and my fetishes. Okay, maybe you don’t. But the one that is safe to blog about is about bags. So, I have enough points now to get something that isn’t a bunch of crap, like Football Tickets to Tulane. No, seriously, they had those.

I can chose from this:

or this:

The Male, practical, logical side of me says that the cooler would be the better choice. I already have a sling styled bag that I use occassionally. The cooler is more useful and you don’t have one quite that size, plus you could put stuff like Beer, in it.

The Female, sparkly side of me says that even though I have a bag that is almost identical to a bag I already own, it might have more little pockets and other cubby-holes to store stuff. Also, I would better to accessorize with this bag, since I would have a choice between Gray/Black and Black/Red. It would help to avoid having something that clashed with what I was wearing.

Then…. I found this:

It would take me another 2 months or so to get the 300 more points I need (I have 295). There would be a chance that it would be Out of Stock by the time that I got that many points… so I don’t know. Remember if you are drinking a Coke Product that has the My Coke Rewards codes on them and you are not collecting them yourself, then please send them to me. I will even let you hold the prize I get, MAN, I am so nice!

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