Caution: Cute Kids Ahead

The part of Halloween I like is the free candy. Now, I much more of an Easter Candy guy. If you were around this Easter, you know that I made a crazy table keeping track of the number of Cadbury Eggs and Bags of mini eggs that I consumed and the caloric intake of said candy. If you missed it, I think people checked my blog more for that than the quality content that I offer on an (almost) daily basis… cough, cough.

So, with ol’ arsenic in the apple scare or razor blades (although the chemical content of produce sprayed with pesticides is scary enough)… you really need to watch what you kids consume or where the candy originates. Now, we are the Crystal Meth. HQ for the SouthEast region of the United States, but Meth-Heads are too busy trying to find the next tweak to care about kid’s candy. So the incidents of candy tampering around here are low, if even reported.

Our Church has a Trunk or Treat event that the hold for the children in the parking lot. Although, I have never gotten a Trunk… some people decorate their trunk (there’s a contest) and the kids go trick-or-treating to each vehicle and get their loot that way. Safe for the kids and a social event for the adults. They do it in the afternoon, before it gets dark and too boot, they have a big spread of Hotdogs, chili, deserts for everyone…

Last year Eric the Elder didn’t have a clue. Well, he did, but he didn’t capitalize on the free candy. Ryan just sat in the stroller and drooled. It was also a huge event to get The Elder in a costume. We had to get a pumpkin sweatshirt/pant outfit and dreaded what this year was going to bring.

When the costumes first came out, we bought a cow sweatsuit outfit.Thinking that this wouldn’t be too bad. when it came time to get him in it, I was surprised because he went right to it… He put on the pants… no problems…kids.

So we made a EAT MOR CHIKIN sign and he was happy to be a Chik-Fil-A cow… MOooooooooooo. We even got him to Say… “Trick or Treat, Eat More Chicken!” Here is Eat in Full Costume attire:

The Elder Cow

Ryan was a little easier to handle… “Here, you are wearing this…”

The Younger

Now in the household, I am the official Candy Auditor… all candy must pass by me and a tax is collected at my discretion… Sometimes I rule with a Iron Chocolate Hand.

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