Ugh, I just got done writing emails to the American Samoan Government about the survey that we are going to be doing in November. The first email is fun being all cordial and official, but then on the third, it’s more like “Yo Dude! You want me to shout out at the paper dud or what?” More on American Samoa in a future blog entry.

Let’s get running!

Something is up with my watch. I think that I missed a split time OR I didn’t get the split right. See… I ran this route: and if you go with the math it says that I did an average 7:48 mile. Now, that’s believable… I have been getting faster. However, with the splits I captured, the “math” says that I did the last two miles in 7:15.

THAT is a buchn of hogwash. There is NO way that I did the last two miles in 7:15 and that’s not the pace I was running… I would have been dead at the end. I don’t think my time is right. Oh well, I got the distance and a new add-on mile to my Market Square Fab 4 miler. I think that I have to name this one [not sure yet, but the train tracks needs to be part]

I almost got squiahed today, crossing the road. A car was running under coverage with a parked car and I when I passed, I was 6-10 feet away and I kicked in the after burner… and to freedom. No honks or yelling (that I heard).

And I almost witnessed an accident. I was standing at a corner to cross once the traffic was gone and a lost soul almost turned in front of another car. This time the driver honked the horna nd if I could read lips, probably said a few choice words to the driver. I could have been the hero though, since I was right there… I could have whipped out my red cape and ran two blocks to get the patrolmen hanging out chatting with some hot babes at Market Square.

Remember way back when, when it wasn’t unusual for me to post that I forgotten some article of clothing that was particularly significant? Well, this was a missing Clothes Encounter of the Sock Kind. I’m in a frenzy chaning clothes to get out an run the 5 miles. I reach in my bag for some socks and none are to be found. Uh-Oh… I dig around and Voila a sock! so I dig some more… HEY! another sock, but it doesn’t match the first one… So i dig some more and HEY! another sock, but it doesn’t match either sock. so I dig some more… no more socks. So I have 3 socks… all of which are different. And all I am thinking is “Thank Goodness have at least two.” So I toss on two socks and head out the door… problem solved. MacGyvering needed: None.

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