thursday night

So last night was pretty easy, but I stayed up too late. I was about an hour later putting the kids to bed than normal. Ryan the Younger has no problem eating… you could feed him Dirt and he’d be happy. I am sure in the near future, he will eat dirt and other gross things. Eric the Elder on the other hand, is different. You just pray to the Kitchen god that by some planetary alignment, Eric will chose and eat something that night. For some reason Oatmeal, plain oatmeal is always a good choice.

So, I made a bowl of Oatmeal sometime before the barrage of “Are you hungry? Do you want something to eat?” in the Kid’s general direction. And it sat and sat and sat and congealed to some bowl-shaped oat goo. Then with some reservation I squeaked out “Are you hungry? Do you want macaroni and cheese or oatmeal?” Your life is so much easier when you give choices

“Oatmeal,” Eric replied.

“Do you want, yogurt with your oatmeal” I asked knowing that more food in a sitting is better.

“Yes.” Double clinched arm pump in the air.

Eric is more than capable of eating by himself. However, as Daddy, I have this uncontrollable urge to have him eat efficiently and quickly when it is close to bedtime. Don’t care if really makes messes… “Here Skip, Come here boy!”

But I want to make sure that his belly is full and his crankiness meter has been reduced to zero. So, as I am getting Eric ready to eat at the table, Ryan comes in the kitchen signing the words for “more” and saying “BUH-nuh-UH”. This translates to “I am hungry, I might want a banana, I might want 3, or I might want whatever the hell you are cooking.”

So before I could even get Eric at the table, Ryan in his highchair and I am feeding him oatmeal and yogurt. Must be the full moon, but I was able to feed both kids with a problem and got them ready for bed. Fast Forward past the bathroom antics, the books (which were Little Engines Can Do Big Things, Curious George, Time to Say Please and
Where Do Balloons Go
) and straight onto putting the down for the night.

After Eric’s books, he goes right to bed and he’s pretty good about it. Since we have taken the door lock off and he can go as he wants, he likes to come out of his room to see what’s going on. Well, all that was going on was putting Ryan to bed, which rivals trying to get Eric to eat.

In a pitch black room with the Soundspa playing the Night sounds (crickets, etc) with the Dove background, it only took Ryan about 10 minutes to quiet down and sleep. Ryan’s going to be screwed because about everyday of his existence which is up to 480 today, he has gone to bed with some background noise. We actually use it because if he can hear us outside, he won’t sleep. This camoflages us and lets us walk up and down the hall without “WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

Okay, so Ryan is down, I leave. Eric is still in his room. Finally! Some time on the computer, I am migrating right now… more on that later. I have a gay computer. or atleast we think it’s gay because “it’s in the closet”. Our coat closet, as a matter of fact. Ahhh, I just have to show you pictures.

so, I am on the computer and I notice that Hockey is playing in the background. I look over and Eric is intentively watching Hockey. Hockey? I thought I was watching the College Football Game. Although, he should be in bed, I still thought… sweet! Perhaps this year, I can watch more than one period of a hockey game. I’ve alreayd watched more football this season than all of last season.

Seeing that he wasn’t doing anything really wrong or, more importantly, bothering me on the computer… I let him watch. 10 minutes later I look over and there is no movement… one new hockey fan was fast asleep. Unlike Ryan, You could do basket tosses with Eric and he wouldn’t wake up… so I took him back to bed and didn’t hear from him until 4:50am when he said.
“Daddy, I’m hungry, I want grits”

Oh, I forgot to mention that I finally went to be at 1:40am

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