I’m slowly sinking in the blog quicksand… I have so much to type, but not a lot of time. So, I will be Fruit-of-the-Loom (i.e., brief)


As I mentioned in a previous post… Thursday-Mom, Friday-Jen, Saturday-Kids, Sunday-myself. That was how I was supposed to celebrate my birthday. So, we are now on the kids day. Jen was having two appointments at the house starting around 10am, which means get the kids out of the house around 9:15. So, I packed the kids for a fun day with dad…

On the agenda, Save the Earth. We took the cardboard and some other recycables to the recycle area and ditched those off. Then we made our way to The Cove, which is a park right on the side of the Tennessee River. It has playground, sand volleyball, a sand beach, walking trails, BBQ pits, etc. Well, when we got there, a sand volleyball tournament was going on. Now, seeing that I had my camera and it was a coed tournament, I would have stayed, (for the Action Photography Folks… come on!) but I didn’t want all that distractions for the kids. So we went up the road to Anchor Park where we one of 4 families there… much better. So, for 3 hours, the kids ate sand (Lord only knows what was in it), slide down the slide, swing in the swings… repeat.

Jen’s second appointment was cancelled, so when I got them home, I kept the kids entertained so that Jen could work. Thankfully, the kids took a nap so that Daddy could catch up on his football. UT, UVA and Furman all won their games. UVA posted a shutout against Duke, who might have a struggle with a high school team. Furman is ranked #3 in I-AA and UT had a good showing against in-state rival Memphis.

The rest of Saturday is hazy other than I had decided that for my personal time away from Jen and the Kids that I was going to the Virginia Creeper trail and do some trail running. I figured about 15 miles would be good. I had directions and weather reports and was just about ready to go, but it was time for sleepy-sleepy. So I slept.


Lack of sleep caught up with Jen. So, she slept in for most the morning. In fact, I took Ryan to church with me so that Jen could sleep while The Almighty Babysitter (TV) would entertain Eric. When I got back, Ryan was tired and I thought I could dump off Ryan and take Eric out so that Jen would have another sleepy kid and sleep more.

I was sooo wrong. Ryan was Mr. Cranky I am Not Going To Sleep. So, I took the kids outside and Eric wanted to play in the pool. Sure… Fine. It’ll be cold. He didn’t mind. Sunday wasted away with the kids. My dream of running in solitude was gone with the setting sun. Oh well, unpredictability of wives and children. Maybe next year.

I did get pictures over the weekend, but I took them with my Canon AV-1 and once they are developed you can see the good ones on my photoblog.

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