6-8 business days… why?

remember back a few weeks again when I had to reshape my Canon S45 so that it would work? Well, the darn thing just sorta froze up and stopped working. After recalling my 10 grade biology class and the disecting of frogs, I determined that there is a tiny little battery in the door covering the lens that may have died. I say may because it’s the only thing other that is keeping the camera from a dumpster.

The battery in questions is a MS614S, which is also known as an Energizer 339. I tried the We-Have-Everything-Except-For-339 battery store and I even went to Wal-mart, think that the Mass Merchant Giant might have that battery. Although W-M did not have the battery, they did confirm that it did still exist. Thank goodness.

So, yesterday at work, I decided to go ahead and purchase said Battery model from Batteries.com. I’d just go ahead and pay and wait. So, I find the battery and order it. THe battery was only $1.99, alot cheaper than a watch store or even walmart who would charge either $2.96 or $3.88 at a minimum. Shipping was $1.99 for Ground, which I could really handle, but it would be 6-8 business days… why? It’s a freaking battery… the envelope would weigh more than battery.

Shipping should be instanteous. Open envelope, drop battery, invoice and mail.Come On… but I wasn’t going to spend $6 on 3day or even $10 on over-night.

I paid them at 1:39pm yesterday at 4:15pm I get an email saying the battery is shipped. Huh? Whattyamean ‘Shipped’? Oh as in left the building. Sweet.

They are based in Indianapolis, IN, but that doesn’t mean the battery lived there. THere is an awesome chance it might be here on Saturday, but probably Monday. Should I be pissed that they couldn’t even meet their minimal delivery or happy that I didn’t waste the extra $5 for the exact same shipping method.

$5 is at least one case of Diet Coke and 10 reward points…

That settles it… I’ll go for the ‘happy’ mode.

Of course, I sure hope that the battery works, else I have a great deal on a ‘slighty used’ 339 battery…

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