I am just about caught up with everything and just about everyone. Wow, I sure hope that I will have a computer when I am in American Samoa… a weekend is bad enough but 2.5 weeks of catch-up. YIKES!

I did not run yesterday. I actually only worked half a day. Wednesday is Jen’s day for home scholling Eric and young boy named Joshua. On Tuesday and Thursday, he is a Joshua’s house for school. So, with Jen being busy with the 3yos, I had to take Ryan to get his 15 month well check.

Ryan did fine with at the pediatrician. He ranks in the 5-10% percentile of weight and 10% of Height, which means that he is a small squirt. With an average male and a Filipina mother, these kids are not going to be giant by any stretch of the imagination. Okay, I can imagine them as big as Godzilla terrorizing downtown Knoxville, but I do have an active imagination.

It was also time for some vaccinations. Some people are super anti-vaccinations, but we’ll go for the risk as small as it might be. Ryan had to get one in his leg and the other in his arm, and he only cried a little bit. He quieted down and after the 10 minute wait in the office, we headed to Chik-Fil-A for some lunch.

By the time i dropped Ryan off and got to work it was past Noon and it was just easier to skip the workout. It’s probably a good thing since I had such a speed workout on Tuesday. Today (Thursday) I brought my Heart Rate Monitor which I will run a control easy run. Typically, I do a two day taper before races but if I force myself to do an easy run, I should be okay.

The Powerball Lottery is 203 million… I think I may play, if I win I will have to do a special contest for you all out there.

website news: I have exported all my LiveJournal entries and will be adding them shortly. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to add your comments as there is no way to extract the data with any ease. Voiceposts will also have to be manually uploaded and that will take a few days.

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