The Tuesday Run Report

It was a nice and overcast day here in Knoxville. The computer screen shows a great big green blob heading in our direction when you call up the weather on the internet. The almighty weather personalities say (yesterday) that it would be here this afternoon and extend into Wednesday – Whatever!

Regardless of when the first drop fall within the county lines, we are experience the cloudy shield of the impending storm. The storm front is still way off, so the temperature are at an almost comfortable 77 degrees, but with the overcast effect, it does seem pretty nice. Once the front passes, it should drop a few more degrees and tonight I may even need to put on some longsleeved Jammy Jams or maybe an extra blanket.

Regardless, my state of attire in the sleepy hours is not the theme here. It’s what the hell I did today. But, I will immediately digress into the color of my urine. When I had my normal evacuation of liquids, I noticed at how yellow I was. Now, I did take vitamins this morning (since I remembered) and that will cause some yellowing, but this was bright yellow. Had there been a power failure, I would have been able to find my way to the nearest door. Albeit a wet trail, but it I would make it!

So I made a resolve to be more diligent to drink more water. I figured that I had all that True Lime stuff, that it would help me to catch up on my water intake. So, what did I have when I got back to the office, 2 diet cokes. I know… My body was craving the nectar, but I think it was the sodium in the soda that my body was craving. Kinda like a dehydration crack, you are thirtsy, so our body wants salty food because it’ll hold more water… so when you have eaten enough salt that your skin is peeling like a slug, you’ll drink plenty of water.

Of course, our society just replaces the water with water-based caffienated liquids and other processed liquids in which the water benefit is slim to none. But I would like to let you know that I did drink a 0.5L bottle of water and probably have another one, but a Diet Coke sure sounds good right now…. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I wasn’t all that motivated to get out and run today. I almost bagged the whole workout as I stepped outside my office. Somehow, I made my way up to the aquatic center and did workout. It was delightfully overcast and I almost decided on a track workout, but I thought about being dehydrated and that I would have a crappy workout. I figured, just do a run that you like and go from there.

I ended up doing my Market Square Fab 4 with the TVA Tower extension (0.32 mile) and so that left me with a run of 4.32 miles. At the first mile split, I wasn’t exactly thrilled with my time of 8:18. I thought it should be faster, like closer to 8:00. Ugh. So I decided to make this a progression run.

What the hell is that Terry, you’ve never said “progression run” before! And you would be right, I haven’t, but the concept is very simple. You run faster run during the course of your run. Since I know where the mile split are on the route, it was simple for me to discern when I needed to pick up the pace. Sometimes, you might have a goal race pace in mind and you start slow and increase to that pace. It’s kinda like a Tempo run… sorta.

So here’s what I did today:

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments

WordPress is eating my tables! I put in table code for my split times and when it saves, all I get is this.

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