Steve Who?

I was always a fan of Steve Irwin. He was full of energy and extremely passionate about his profession. He knew his material and was a great showman as well. He had a sense of adventure and Carpe Diem, that he was just going out to do what he loved. Don’t you wish that some of his passion could be bottled and sold?

Back in 2000, I paid a little hommage, or rather, my wife and I paid a little homage to Steve Irwin. We moved into our first house in August of 1997 and so, for our housewarming party, we had a Haunted Housewarming party. The party was a great success and so we became the Halloween Party place. They actaully became quite the hit, just some of the things that happened:

Kids brought back trashbags full of candy

Terry’s famous purple chewy chicken wings

A friend determines to prove that you cannot get drunk off Jello shots

He is subsequently dragged by 4 men out of my house

Although a costume was not needed, it was heavily suggested. Jen and I usually dressed up as a theme. One year, she was a doctor and I was a patient. I had one of those fake plastic butts, that stuck out the back of the hospital gown. I had an alien costume that scared the bejezzus out of the kids, muhahahaha. And at our last halloween at that house, we had a Crocodile Hunter theme.

With the summer season already a faded memory, I had a little trouble trying to find a khaki shirt, but that’s all that I needed for my costume. I had everything else. About a month before halloween, Pete sent me a big Austrailian slang dictionary, so that I could learn some of the slang and sound like a bloke. Menawhile Jen was busy putting together a great Croc outfit. So, fashioned with a Foster’s Oilcan, I ran around the party going “Ain’t She a Beaut!”. Of course, in public, I didn’t run a jump on her, lay her flat and then put rope around her snout…

I must not have done a very good Australian accent or he wasn’t as widespread yet, because I was always asked “Who Are you” and would reply “Steve Irwin” to which I got “Who’s That?”

“The Crocodile Hunter”

“Oh, okay”

Here’s the one picture of us that I have of our costumes.

Terry and Jen

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