Pictures of our handiwork

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had pictures of our handiwork from a couple of weekends past. Well, here they are for your enjoyment.

The Bathroom

You can see the print behind the two kids (Eric and Rachel). We are not the flowery wall-paper type…

Everything Stripped Down, and this is the before picture

Same area, but this is the after picture

We used a specialty paint from Lowes that had granite, yes rock, in it. It’s the darker coloring in the paint. It’s pretty thick and you use quite a bit more. If you see the “glowing” or “lighter” color specs, those are gold crystals that you mix in the paint. It’s a great effect and really came out well. Even David Hassellhoff would love this gold glitter paint.

Another shot of the texture
The Porch

This “Square” of screen was cut and ruined by the Raccoon from a while back. I managed to replace it very quickly and it almost looks like new thanks to my mad home project skills

Why Fence? Well, it was just aging in our lower porch area anyway, plus this was the main entrance way for the raccoon. Now he’ll have to eat through the wood to get to Skip’s food. Of Course, he can just use the porch door like any other dog or human. Eventually, we want to redo the porch and glass it in, so the fencing is only a temporary eyesore.

View from the other corner. If you see the fencing behind the chairs, that is there for safety reasons. I live on a hill and under the porch is a cut-out area that is about 10-12 feet below the porch floor, the part of the porch that is next to the house is where the stairs are located and so, there is only a previous ripped screen all that protects crazy little hyper children from a free fall to the cement below. Said fence makes it much harder for children to plummet as they would need a running start to clear the fence, if they could do get the heighth. The dog is a Jack Russell and we refer to him as Skip, he wasn’t quite sure what to think of all the work on his outside home, but as long as there is food, he doesn’t care

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