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I had promised them that this would be up on Monday of this week… but given my ultimate slackness and the bubonic plague that came over the household, I had to defer this post until today…

John & Kat are great friends. John and I went to college and his twin brother, Jim, is my little brother in the fraternity. John is the little brother of my friend Gray who, if you are a regular reader, is the same guy that I was in his wedding June and he and I did the Tellico Sprint Triathlon in July.

John spent a number of moons over in Iraq doing soldier stuff and while he was over there I blogged about him from time to time. When my archives are back, I’ll try to tag his posts.

I absolutely love the name Lauren. In fact, I wanted my daughter, if I had one… to be named Lauren Dawn, but that won’t happen. I will have cede that name for someone else. But as MUCH as I love Lauren, I will FOREVER call this girl Scott or probably Scottie… because that’s the way I roll. I can only imagine that there is some teary story on how this is a family name and means so much. When I get reamed for this post, I will pass on the story! But you know what, this is coming from a Terry… a Freakin TERRY, TERRI, TERRIE, TERRYE, TERE… I’m pulling the transgender name card and if that’s not enough, I will call you!

Kat is a wonderful gal and she actually started to get Masters in Statistics before I went for mine, but given that I had the luxury of quitting my job and going to school full time, I finished first. But we got to talk shop very briefly.

I know, I know enough crap about the parents, it’s all about the kid right! I know, I have 2… I know how this works! So, without further ado, I am pleased to present to you the incredibly beautiful (lauren) Scott Monihan:

Kathy and John Monihan are elated to announce the birth of their daughter, Lauren Scott Monihan. Born at 7:14 PM, Thursday, September 14, 2006 at Reston Hospital in Reston, VA. Lauren weighed in at a slim 6lbs, 7oz and 19 inches long. After a 10 hour 7 minute labor and 14 minutes of pushing, baby and mother are doing great, and are now resting at home.

Ms. (Lauren) Scott Monihan

Ms. (Lauren) Scott Monihan

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