House Projects

For the past 3 weekends, we have been doing some house projects. The first week (the week before labor day) we finally redid the hall bathroom. It was the same wallpaper since we had moved in 5 years ago. Now, the wallpaper was in decent shape, it just wasn’t us. But we stuck with it and stuck with it and then it started to peel off the wall. So, Jen decided that we would redo the bathroom. And when I mean “we”, that’s both of us, but with me doing the not-so-fun parts.

I just tried to get onto the Lowe’s website to see if I could link the paint that we got but the website it not very useful for that purpose. I do have before and after pictures and I will have to post them later.

Labor Day weekend, our next project was to take most of the older kids clothes that we no longer use and sell it to Once Upon A Child. We also put in a couple of baby items that Ryan has outgrown and is just taking up space. We probably could have gotten a little more with a yard sale, but this was soooo much easier.

This past weekend, we cleaned up our porch area. It was in such a need of cleaning with dust and doghair and spiderwebs… it was dirty! Jen’s going to be taking the kids out there more for doing projects and such. I fixed one of the screens that the raccoon had demolished. For the other screens, we tacked up some old fencing so that little critters couldn’t get in and other little critters would plunge out of the screen if they played on it. And I do have (just) after pictures of the porch that I can post at the same time as the bathroom pictures.

I’m not sure what this weekend will hold. I am not privvy to that information yet. It hasn’t been declassified by my Lovely and Talented Wife. So we will see. I will try to take pictures. I really need to get me a handy little camera, I am a little lost not being able to put up pictures…

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