Where to Begin

I am trying to think of where I should start….

Let's begin with the weekend update:

I left work early so that I could relieve the babysitter since Jen had gone to Nashville. On the way home, I stopped by Office Depot to scope out notebooks since I had planned on taking advantage of the Tax-Free weekend. I think I have an idea of what model that I want, I am looking at a 14″ monitor style which isn't too big or too small. I didn't purchase it, as I was still in research mode.

We had a wicked storm run through Knoxville and apparently, my work area had huge amount of rain and I missed the flooding… I'm not missing that. The kids were just fine, for the most part and after they were fed, bathed and in bed, I decided that I would run on the treadmill.

Thinking that I would run about 6 miles, I thought that a 8:45 pace would be a good compliment to what I had been doing outside, in the heat with the hills. I loaded up Phedippidations Episode #56 in the MP3 player and started going. I didn't last 2 miles that I decided to take a break. I did have my heartrate monitor on and I was still in my aerobic area but felt like poop. After a short break (I didn't want the treadmill to reset), I started back up for another 2 miles and then another break. Somehow, I made it through another 2 miles and got my 6 miles like I wanted.

I treated myself to a beer or two and played on the internet until it was time for bed. I had plans of watching one of our DVDs but I ended up just crashing and just watching something on TV.

6 miles in 56:18

I frankensteined a computer for my mom, to replace her 166MHz, 4Gig computer to something a little faster. I also got a call from Solange (Marty's wife) that Marty needed to run and if we wanted to come over, we could go swimming and then running. So I made it over to my Mom's house to set the computer up incognito. Unfortuantely, her internet would not recognize the computer and so, she came home from work to discover her house trashed (from the kids) and computer parts all over the place.

She was happy with the new computer and hopefully we can get the internet to work PLUS maybe I can get her a larger, faster hard drive.

We went over to Marty's and Eric and David played like champs while I took Ryan into the pool. We were in the pool for a while but a storm came through and kicked us out of the pool. But the storm was short lived and Marty and I decided to go running. So, we headed out into his neighborhood for at least a 5 mile run. For the 5 mile run, mile one and five were really hills, but the middle wasn't that bad. It wasn't extremely hot relative to what it had been, plus with the storm that had passed through we had some breeze and some clouds. When we finished with the 5 we decided to tack on another mile around his house, which was a great quad workout as his “block” is a 1/2mile oval on a hill. After the first mile of 10:35, we finished the 6th mile in 9:35 which was very rewarding.

The run was followed by a jump in the pool, some of his hand-crafted beer and dinner by Solange. The kids had fun and we got home before Jen did.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 10:27 10:27  
2 0.8 1.8 6:53 8:37 17:20  
3 1.1 2.9 10:39 9:41 27:59  
4 1.1 4.0 10:41 9:43 38:40  
5 1.0 5.0 9:45 48:25  
6 1.0 6.0 9:35 58:01  

We didn't make it to sunday School, and only Eric and I made it to the service. After church we swung over to Earthfare to pick up some sushi for lunch. It was a surprise for Jen…

I took advantage of the time the kids were napping/quiet time for researching that notebook I wanted. I think that I want to get the Toshiba M105 series. Preferrably the S1074 model as it's not top of the line, but not to shabby either. My computer right now is in the basement and I can't get work done when the kids are awake since they need my attention. If I had the laptop, I would have an easier time researching Wholesalers, email and all that other stuff.

Sunday was pretty much quiet…

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