Weekend Update

This blog entry has been a proverbial dam in the river of my mind. It doesn't seem that I can get creative juices for the upcoming blog entries until I get place this road block.

So, here's the reader's digest:
I ran 4 miles at lunch at a pretty easy pace. I wore my brand new Vitruvians and my feet could feel it! I think that if I had gone any longer I would have had some serious blister problems. I did wear my heart rate monitor and my AHR (Average Heart Rate) was around 160 and my max (MHR) was somewhere around 173. Now the quailfiers “was around” and “somewhere” are from the fact  that my heart rate monitor is the barebones model of about 4 years ago, uhh, make that 6 years ago.

I can set a range and it will beep if I am not in that range and that's about all the information it will tell me. So, if I want to know my average, I have to guess… if I want my max rate, then I have to take the highest value that my eyeball sees. Maybe for my birthday or Christmas, I will treat myself to a fancier more informative model.

The reason why I wore was to keep me from running too fast. Remember, I had just given blood and I didn't want to kill myself by running to fast and being wiped for my long run. The mission was successfull. When I saw that my heart rate was moving up, I slowed down and the vice versa never really happened, so I was always trying to slow down.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:58 7:58  
2 1.0 2.0 8:40 16:38  
3 1.0 3.0 8:56 25:34  
4 1.0 4.0 9:42 35:16  

I met Marty at the Kroger parking lot at 6:30am SHARP and we drove down to the Alcoa/Maryville Greenway for an undisclosed number of miles. Actually it was no secret but more dependent on our speed as I was on a time constraint to get home. Jen was having new consultant training at the house and I was in charge of making the kids vanish.

Once I mapped our route, I was pleased that we ran for 8.21 miles in 1:20:24 which was a 9:48 pace. Now THAT'S an easy pace in my book. I was able to blab the entire time without feeling out of breath. Although it wasn't temperature hot out, the clouds were helping with that, but it was very very humid due to the rain we received the night before. I believe that I could have been drier if I had jumped into the creek that the greenway parallels.

I went over to Marty's after the run with the kids. I stayed from 10-4 or something over there. Pool, Food and I just realized this… it was the first time in a longggggggg time that I did not have a beer over at Marty's… huh, what's wrong with me?

Overslept and missed Sunday school, but did get to Church. Eric and Ryan stayed in the Children's area while Jen and I went to the service. We have been potty training with Eric for a few weeks now and when I went it… he was standing at the play kitchen moving around like he had to go. Well, he was actually going. One of the ladies was upset that he had done that in the room because it was her mission to get him to go to the bathroom. She had been asking him every five minutes and he didn't go. And she missed it. I tried to comfort her… that it was okay. I'd be more than happy for her to have another chance next week.

After Churhc we went to Sam's… I looked at some electronics, but we really needs baby wipes and jet dry (WOO-HOO, I know). The big shiny TVs were nice to look at. Funny that about a year ago there were only 5-6 models of large televisions to chose from. Sunday, there were close to 20 to chose from.

Rest of Sunday was uneventful and if I typed it, your eyes would be shut by the end of this sentenzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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