They used to play… WHAT?!

Videos. No, really. 25 years ago they used to play videos… the same 20 videos over and over and over again. It was great because I could barely stay up (when given permission) to watch Friday Night Videos. MTV is celebrating its 25th anniversary today… Happy Birthday. In its Video HayDay, I was an avid watcher. I would watch the videos over and over again. I can remember seeing (and being able to recognize) Tears For Fears Everybody Wants to Rule The World before ever hearing it on the radio.

I screamed along with Billy Idol's add on to Mony, Mony… “what do ya want, get laided, get…”

I eagerly watched 120 Minutes in the hopes to catch an XTC video

I watched Liquid Television to see how Aeon Flux would get whacked, or soon to be famous Beavis & Butthead with' FROGGGGG BASEBALL!”

Duran Duran, Prince, Billy Joel, Madonna, U2, Cars, Dire Straits, Beastie Boys…

I don't watch MTV anymore…
but if you are interested in videos:

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