The 3 Minute Hold-Up

…stops Bloodshed. That was the sign on the wall. I wasn't all that  scared, it wasn't Bank Robbery Central, even though I was downtown Knoxville. No, I was after some sweet bling and the only thing that I had to was shed some blood. A pint of blood to be exact.

This morning, I left for lunch a little earlier so that I could go to Medic Blood and donate blood, just like I do roughly 4 times a year. This donation was number 3 for the year and puts me at the 4-3/8gallon mark. Oh, and because my fave EMT and Nurse are reading this (actually, I don't know if Laura still reads this) but if she does… my vitals were 43.3 HCT, 50 pulse, 36.3C, and 126/74 BP.

Normally (since I have been in Knoxville) Medic has always, always, always given a T-shirt with their donations. Although sometimes there would be a coupon for a free Chik-Fil-A or Baskin-Robbins ice cream… yeah great food for blood donors huh. I guess they figure if you are healthy enough to donate, you are healthy to eat them.

Anyway, for the past 5 years, the t-shirts have gone to the donation pile. One because the design changes and they've only had a few designs that I would consider wearing. Two, the size of the shirt is for a person, well, let's just say that you'd need 1-1/2 Terrys in there to fill it out properly. If the wind caught me just right, I would sail away.

So what was the glorious prize other than knowing someone out there is benefiting from Terry Juice… is the free stuff. Remember that I am sucka for creative marketing. So today's alternate prize… was a nice travel mug. I will take pictures of it tonight. I should get my camera back and will have mulitple pictures tomorrow.

So, that means that today is a rest day… although I have ran 13 miles about 10 hours after donating… I don't recommend it. Although I did not incur any acute injury, I did have some uncomfortable calf pain for every now and then for about a year or so.

So what's the best thing about donating blood… the great buzz you get after one beer!

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