It was time for me to go to the Church of Running and repent! I wasn’t sure if I would have to speak in tongues or handle snakes. I may have had to recite the first four chapter of Jeff Galloway’s book Marathon. Hopefully, it wasn’t a sacrifice of my brand new Vitruvian shoes… whatever it was going to be, my [running] soul needed some salvation.

Monday… with an overcast sky and a forecast of rain in the distance future, I hiked my way up to the Aquatic Center. Now, seeing that I had abandoned running for a total of four days, I was faced with a slight problem. Do I or Don’t I?

What do you mean, “Huh?” Oh, sorry, let explain. Runners [when it comes to running] have this afflicition that if you miss a big run, you must punish yourself in some act retribution for your sin missed run. In my case, the 10 mile run that I wanted on Saturday was missed. So, I had to do something, but seeing that I had only an hour, what was I going to do.

Now, don’t get an ideas that I was going to run the 10 miles in less than hour… that’s World Class marathon time and this white-boy doesn’t have the lung capacity nor the stamina to perform some freakish superhuman act like that. Maybe someone from America’s Got Talent could, but not me. I really had two choices:

1)Run Fast
2)Run Long

I chose #2. And when I mean “long”, I don’t mean “Lonnnnngggggggggggg”. I mean just a tad bit longer than my normal run. That run was the Market Square Fab 4 miler. Since that’s probably my fave run right now. At least until it gets colder and the people go away, it’s the best motivational run for me.

What happens when 10,000 students are back in schedule in the first 3/4 mile of your run? I’ll tell you what happens… about 100 of them turn your nice course into some cross country obstacle course… that’s what happens. Coming down and around to one of the main roads on campus (Volunteer Blvd if you are following at home), I was introduced to a squadron of people whose sole job was to create a little chaos in my run. Now, I wouldn’t mind having a battlion of Sorority chicks to weave in and out of, because I would feel compelled to pick up my pace to run away from them… naturally.

So, I am cutting and moving and leaping and ducking… okay, no ducking and no rolling under cars, but it was like a makeshift trail course as I had to stay on the grass for a bit before getting back behind the law school where the roads were clear.

The plan for the extra mileage was to run around the TVA towers at the pinnacle of Market Square. The towers (where Jen used to work and I was an intern) sit at the northernmost point of Market Square and I usually turn around right before them. I figured that if I went around the towers, that would add about an extra 1/4 mile or so. Well, I was wrong. It added 0.323 based on my gmap-pedometer calculation, so I rounded it down to 0.32 miles just to be safe. If I could add another 0.18 miles, I would have a great 4.5 mile course. That would give me a 3.0 Mile course, 3.5 mile course, 2 – 4.0 mile courses, 4.5 mile and a 5.0 mile course. Gosh, if I only had another 30 minutes for lunch, I would be dangerous!

So, I worked around the downtown area pretty nicely, I was happy. This was definitely a true Tempo run. I was working and was a pace where I would not have been able to keep up a conversation with someone else. I did have to stop a few times because of vehicular traffic, but it wasn’t bad. I was pretty pleased with my overall results for today’s run.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments

Tomorrow: I think I am going to Bust a [Wal]Nut…

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