One and DONE

I had the title of this blog in my brain during my run this afternoon.

As I wrote yesterday, I was a little bummed about not being able to swim and take the rest day and instead plodded along for 2.1 miles. I aimlessly wander around the University of Tennessee campus trying to avoid all the big hills. After I wrote the blog entry, I started to feel better about the run and today on the Phedippidations message board, jhfenton, a fellow runner that I met during the training for the inaugral Knoxville Marathon in 2005, really set everything straight:

Almost any day running is a good day! And running is never a waste of time!

So, let bygone be bygones… and keep Egon a ghostbuster (Sorry, way back when Ray Parker Jr. had the #1 song in the country)

Just to close out on Monday, my new pair of Symmetrys came in yesterday. The will get into rotation here and be one of my training shoe. I am really thinking that I may invest in some racing flats and use them for speedwork and racing. Racing flats are lighter but not quite as durable as trainers, so you don't use them as your everyday workout shoe. And I am brutal on running shoes as it is!

So that brings us to today's run… Oh by the way, the pool was about deserted today!

I have a small window of time to get some good speedwork that would help with my 5k race on the 19th. However, I am not (that desperate yet) to run speed intervals in the hot sun with no cloud cover. And wouldn't you know it… there was spotty cloud cover. So perhaps, I could run on the track today… something to think about.

But I didn't.

I used advanced weather forecasting techniques by looking at the size of the clouds, determining prevailing winds, figuring the strength of the sun at noon, applying a little Chaos theory… but all I came up with was the number '42', what's up with that.

So I winged it, I decided that I would do my Market Square 4 mile loop since I love weaving in and out of people in Market Square. As they are eating their food, the runners are thinking “Man, I wish I was running” and the non-runners are thinking “Man, what an idiot, doesn't he know it's five bazillion degrees outside”. Regardless, of opinion, the Square was busy… but enough about people… today was about Speed.

During my run, I listened to the latest 2 episodes of The Dump Runners Club podcast. And I give Matt some serious props because he has a great podcast (new episodes on Fridays). I like it because he touches on things that Phedippidations doesn't cover… such as Track and Field events, what's happening in the Denver/Boulder area and he's much faster than myself, so I like to hear what he says on his technical approach, something that I need to work on.

Okay, I need to focus… I should have finished this post about an hour ago…

So I went out blazing fast. I thought that I would try to run the 4 miles as if I was running a 5k race. Kind of like a dress rehearsal. I would get some race practice, but I would also get my speedwork in as well. What I should have done, was to run the first mile slow, but then crank the last 3 miles as if I was racing.

I was pleased at my effort on the first mile. I wasn't pushing too hard but I was definitely working it. If I hadn't stopped to take a drink at the mile 1 marker, I could have gone on at that pace, especially since my route at this point is downhill and then it gets flat around Market Square.

Now my course orbits Market Square and then shoots me toward the courthouse, I then turn and follow Cumberland until I round the Duncan (Federal) Building. I have seen these women protesting in front of the Federal Building before… but I am writing about them today because… the altered my course and so I thought I would give them a little noteriety… and when I mean little, I mean to the 15 of you out there who read this.

The group of women dress in black is not some intergalactic secret service protest team, they are an international movement of WOMEN FOR PEACE started by Israeli women in 1988 to protest Israel's illegal occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, and demanding peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Here is their website.

[please excuse this blog as it take a momentarly off-road excursion from running into protests, women and more women]

Now, I don't know enough if Israel has the West Bank and Gaza illegally… I really don't so I can't comment on that aspect of it. But what I can agree on is on the freedom and equality of women, no matter what land you live on. The Beastie Boys said it right in their song Sure Shot:

I Want To Say a Little Something That's Long Overdue
The Disrespect To Women Has Got To Be Through
To All The Mothers And Sisters
And The Wives And Friends
I Want To Offer My Love And Respect To The End

So, from that part of it I wouldn't mind supporting their cause… but there's one problem. When they are out there, they are in the almost full black attire (at least most of them) and I would be cruising around in running shorts… hmmm… don't think that's the image that they want.

[and we are back on track]

What made me take greater notice is that the Federal Building is on the corner where I have to turn. If you Google map, our Federal Building, you can see that there is lots of brickwork instead of sidewalk since the Federal building is offset a little. Plenty of room to slingshot around the flag pole on the way back. Well, today, I could tell from the end of the block looking towards their demonstation, that they were Out all the way to the street curb.

So, I couldn't cut behind them, in between them and the building because the landscaping doesn't support that without making the run a steeple chase… and this is where the FBI is located, I don't need to be acting anymore goofy around them. I would have to run out in the road, in the gutter (oh, Hey mind!) which would be no problem but Cumberland is a very busy road and at a very busy intersection.

I did pop the curb and was running in the gutter as I became aware that a Big Blue Truck was right behind me as I started to pass the protest. I saw a window where I could weave through the women and make it out the other side but I thought this would be disrespectful to their protest to have someone not in black running through them. So, I rounded the corner in the street, only to cross over to the other side but to greet the Trolley and a line of passengers. This meant that I had to cross back again, as I could not run in the middle of the street to pass the trolley due to oncoming traffic.

I finally made it back onto my regular course… thank goodness… I was already wornout from the fast first mile and now I was weaving in and out of traffic, back and forth across the roads.

I was able to salvage the run in a time of 35:53. By no means was this a stellar performance, you could even call my attempt at running the full 4 miles at the fast pace naive… don't worry, that what I thought. I did the same thing on my treadmill run Friday. I thought (because at one point I could do this) that I would run the distance at a certain pace, but that pace was too fast. I am not sure what my 5k time is going to be, or even how to estimate it. At this point, I think a sub 8 minute mile average would be good. But races are totally different beasts than training runs… so we will see.

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 1.0 1.0 7:31 One and I was 
2 1.0 2.0 9:05 16:37  Done!
3 1.0 3.0 9:21 25:58  
4 1.0 4.0 9:55 35:53  

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