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Thinking about what I wanted to write about, I knew that I needed to include my running for the week (i.e., Monday and Tuesday), but I had a few other things that I wanted to address so that I would be up to date and I would not look at my D3sign Book thinking… I should blog on that. Things that I want to blog about is:
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But I also need time to address comment that you all out there were kind enough to leave me. I even think that Pam asked a question about what the H3ll all the “threes” in my name et al mean. So, I even just thought of something else that I wanted to blog about… Oops… there it went… I don't remember what it was, perhaps I shall remember it later (I hope).

I ran a different course on Monday. It was so hot out at lunch… and when I mean hot, I don't mean the dry heat that I experienced in Dallas… that's just dangerous 100+ heat. I am talking about the miserable 90s with high humidity heat. I'd be better off just swimming! But Monday was the last day of the month and I wanted to get some mileage in before July 2006 was in the history books. But where was I going to run… that was my dilemma because most of my other runs leave me exposed to the sun. Now, that is great when the temperature and humidity are doing a nice tango at something reasonable, but not this week.

So when I stepped outside the aquatic center with no place to go, I decided that I would venture out to the 3rd creek greenway. I have run here before… many many… many times. It's probably Knoxville's most run greenway. If you start at the West opening at the Big Orange Bi-Lo Food City and run to the end of James White Greenway (yes, the same one from past lunchtime runs) you get more than 7 miles or so. *sing songy* The Third Creek is connect to the Neyland, the Neyland is connected to the Volunteer Landing, the Volunteer Landing is connected to the James White… And if you run back to your car that you parked way back West, you get over a half marathon. If you cross over the river, you can gain some serious mileage! Chunks of the Knoxville Marathon is run on Third Creek Greenway.

So, I ran West from the Aquatic Center and entered the Third Creek Greenway via the back of the Vet School. A little access greenway actaully takes you from the road to the greenway. This was slightly (like 0.06) over a half mile. Third Creek winds around, you guessed it… Third Creek, which is one creek West of Second Creek and one creek east of Fourth Creek. Someone with loads of creativity named the creeks here in Knoxville. You pass by the UT Rugby field and under Kingston Pike/Cumberland. This puts you into the Tyson Park area of Third Creek.

Tyson Park is pretty safe during the day… not so safe at night. Actually, it's probably just fine, at least the park area would be. Early in the morning I think all the mugger, rapists and killers are sleeping somewhere or in jail. I don't know. Remember… run with a buddy… they'll be a distraction as you run to go call the police.

As you come out of Tyson Park area, you cross over Concord Road and onto the woody area of Third Creek. What the greenway gains in beauty, it also gains in hills. Actually, the hills here are gently rolling, there are only a few, very short hills that are of any count. I figured that if I ran to the Wooden Bridge, that would be an ideal turnaround point and would be something a little more than 2 miles from the aquatic center. Sure enough, when I mapped it back at the office it was 2.16 miles. Perfect!

So here's how it played out… I was pretty happy with the almost negative splits. The last 0.56 section is all uphill, so I won't complain…

Split Split Distance Overall Distance Split Time Split Pace Overall Time Comments
1 0.56 0.56 4:29 8:01 4:29 Mostly Downhill
2 0.95 1.51 8:03 8:29 12:32  
3 0.65 2.16 5:44 8:50 18:16  
4 0.65 2.81 5:50 8:59 24:06  
5 0.95 3.76 8:05 8:31 32:11  
5 0.56 4.32 5:09 9:12 37:20 Mostly Uphill

One of the blogs that I read Silent One wrote a blog entry with a short story of her adventures. I was inspired to write Monday's post as a short story, but I decided that it would take too much time, so I probably will do that in the near future. But really, I should move on to Tuesday.

It felt so oppressive today as I walked to the aquatic center that I went from running 4 miles to swimming… Bonus! The lanes were still in the 50 meter configuration and not the 25 yard configuration. Yeah! So, I swam 800 meters today… fairly slowly in 19:36. I'll probably be sore (upper body) tomorrow, but that'll be good… one day I will start lifting weights.

Tomorrow will more than likely be running even though the forecast is at 93 degrees… Jen is traveling to Nashville on Friday, so I will more than likely be watching the kids that day. Perhaps I can get on the treadmill, but that probably won't happen. There is actually an uncharacteristic Friday trail race this Friday that I would like to run if possible, but the statistician in me says “not probable”.

As I read that last sentence I see that is not abundance thinking! Why would I want to do that… if I think with abundance… I will get abundance… If I think negative and without abundance… yikes.

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