Live Writer Attempt 2

Okay dokay… looking to give this Live writer thing another whirl. I was able to have it post to my LiveJournal, no problem… however, I can’t change my picture icon nor insert tags.

John suggested that I try a Live Writer plugin for it and an so I went to download it. For the stupid plugin, I had to download some extra stuff (.NET Framework 2.0) which that took around 45min to install, ugh. Now I need to go and see if there are any updates for it… I guess I need to go ahead and start IE up… by the time I am finished with this post, it should be running. But the pain is worth it if I can insert tags… They really are pretty helpful in finding content or trying to find a post as a reference.

I am hoping that this thing will solve another problem I have and that is updating my family blog. For the Past 3 months, I have blogged 3 times… basically because the internet has made me lazy… Same reason why, if you don’t have RSS feed for your blog, I might not read it. Not because I don’t want to… but I delegate finding changes to blogs using Sage, a RSS feed aggregator.

Okay, so let’s see if this bad boy works…

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